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Tuesday 29 December 2015

Homeopathy and Brain Haemorrhage. Why such an abusive skeptical response?

Recently, I read an article about the treatment of brain haemorrhage with homeopathy. It was an amazing article written in the Hpathy website by Manfred Mueller, a homeopath, who presented several cases of brain haemorrhage, or stroke. On the basis that stroke victims, and their carers, might like to know how effective homeopathic treatment can be with this condition, I decided to tweet it, without comment, on 24th December 2015.

The article described several cases that Manfred Mueller had treated.
  • A woman called Eleanor, aged 70, who had suffered a stroke. She was described as “semi-conscious” and unable to speak. She could only respond by making sounds and shaking or nodding her head. She had developed pneumonia with a fever, and was on three types of conventional drugs. It describes the course of homeopathic treatment she was given, and describes her almost complete recovery.
  • A young girl Rachel, aged 10, who had fallen and had brain surgery for a subarachnoid haemorrhage, after which she went into a coma. It describes the homeopathic treatment he gave her, and the obstruction he received from the conventional medical staff he encountered. Treatment ended before an outcome could be followed through because Rachel’s mother was imprisoned for child abuse.
  • Bill, aged 65, had fallen from a ladder hitting his head, suffering also a fractured rib, a punctured lung, and other injuries. A scan found that he had suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage. After receiving homeopathic remedies for some time, he decided against the operation conventional doctors were recommending. He had another scan, and much to the doctors surprise the haematoma had gone!
  • Claire was a 42 year old mother of two who was treating herself for a head injury. Her self treatment, and the treatment given to her by Manfred Mueller, was described, and she made a full recovery.
The response to this article from skeptics, or homeopathy denialists, was quite amazing, and I quote them here. Anyone with a delicate disposition should skip the next two paragraphs, which are direct quotes from the denialists - people who do not want you to know that homeopathy is a safe and effective medical therapy.

For instance, Liz, Queen of Bogans (??) responded on the same day.

“… you are a deluded and dangerous cunt. May you get coal in your stocking you predatory arsewipe”.

Sebastian Armstrong seems to agree with this, although apparently not knowing about the content, or even the subject of the article I had tweeted!

“… (My) targeting child cancer patients with homeopathy misrepresentation was disgusting.”

Yodaj3di sought to defend the article, and my tweet, suggesting that such abuse cannot be justified. Paul Derbyshire, Sebastian Armstrong came back defending their abuse.

“… choice is not important unless informed by the truth not #homeopathy lies.”
“… homeopathy is fraud. Proven bullshit. Embarrassed for you.”
“… if you actually believe in homeopathy then you are logically corrupt.”
“… just to let you know homeopathy is fraud.”

Note. For anyone interested, I have left a longer version of this rather pointless, and endless ‘debate’ at the end of this blog.

This kind of response is typical of skeptics, or homeopathy denialists. Yodaj3di tried to engage them in a conversation, to get them to accept that such abuse was inappropriate, that anyone who wanted to know about homeopathy should be allowed to hear about it. Sandra Courtney expressed her disgust, and reported the abuse to Twitter. Neither is likely to be effective in discouraging skeptics from abusing homeopathy! I have reported on skeptic abuse on several occasions on this blog.

‘Quack’! Just another personal attack from a homeopathy denialist.
Skeptics insist Homeopathy doesn't work. So what do they have to say?

There are several points to be considered about skeptics, or homeopathy denialists, in order to understand what they say, and why they are saying it.

Bad language and abuse usually comes from people who have no arguments. Certainly it usually comes from people who are unable to argue their case with reason and logic - in other words, scientifically!

Skeptics are in chronic denial. In particular they are unwilling to accept that there are people with serious (and indeed non serious) illnesses who have been cured by homeopathy, and that this has been happening every day, throughout the world, for the last 220 years.

Ignoring or denying this evidence is deeply ‘unscientific’. Science involves (or should involve) observing what is happening in the world, not denying it. Science should then seek an explanation for what has been observed. Skeptics, to the contrary, say that there is no explanation for homeopathy, therefore it cannot happen, it is just trickery or fraud!

Actually, in recent years great strides have been made in identifying the working mechanism(s) of homeopathy, diluted substances can be scientifically identified, and about 200 trials have proven that homeopathy does work. Again, skeptics merely deny this, and continue to say ‘there is no evidence’ quite regardless of the evidence!

Instead, skeptics (who claim to love science) place their faith in the ‘science’ of RCT’s, or ‘randomised controlled tests’, that they describe as the ‘gold standard’ of proof. Yet skeptics not only ignore (or deny) the RCT evidence supporting the fact that homeopathy works, they also ignore the fact that people are being harmed, damaged and killed by conventional pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that have been ‘scientifically’ tested and approved as safe, presumably to their satisfaction.

Skeptic denial serves only one purpose. The skeptic community is a small, but particularly nasty part of a massive conspiracy that seeks to prevent a real debate on health and medical treatment in our society, dominated as it is by huge economic, financial and commercial interests, not least of which is the pharmaceutical industry. The conventional medical establishment is now so rich, so powerful, so pervasive and dominant in our social life, that it has gained complete control of governments, politicians, national health services, and the mainstream press and media organisations.

Most people believe that drugs and vaccines are the best route to health because this is all they have been told for many decades.

What this means is that the internet is the only vehicle available to alternative medical therapies, such as homeopathy, to inform people that this is not so, that there are alternatives, and that these alternatives are both safer and more effective.

However, there is another reason why a real health debate is important, and urgently needed. Conventional medicine is failing.

  • Conventional hospital are full to overflowing. Doctors surgeries cannot cope with the health demands of patients. 
  • Many forms of chronic disease, arthritis, autism, cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, et al, are all now at unprecedented levels. 
  • One of the main reasons, perhaps the main reason for this sickness epidemic, is that conventional pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are not only ineffective, they are also a primary cause of these diseases.

So when homeopaths deal with illnesses, such as brain haemorrhage, and do it successfully, the skeptics go into denial, they get annoyed because their medicine has nothing to offer, they get abusive when homeopathy does have something amazing to offer patients. And as they have no rational or ‘scientific’ argument to fall back on, they resort to abuse and obfuscation. It is all they have!

It is a tough, unrewarding, and ultimately a hopeless cause they pursue!

A Record of Skeptic Abuse
24th to 26th December 2015

My Tweet.
Homeopathic treatment of brain haemorrhage.

Liz, Queen of bogans
… you are a deluded and dangerous cunt. May you get coal in your stocking you predatory arsewipe

Sandra Courtney
This potty mouth tweet is disgusting. Homeopathy supporters should report. I plan to.

Sebastian Armstrong
… targeting child cancer patients with #homeopathy misrepresentation was disgusting.

That reason can't justify verbal abuse. You know that.

Sebastian Armstrong
… come off it the vile exploitation via lies is accurately described

There's no exploitation when there's a choice. & verbal violence isn't a solution.

Sebastian Armstrong
… choice is not important unless informed by the truth not homeopathy lies

… er, what lies? I only see a link to clinical cases.

Paul, Derbyshire
… homeopathy is fraud. Proven bullshit. Embarrassed for you

Don't be embarrassed for me. why for? That's just projection.

Paul, Derbyshire
… if you actually believe in homeopathy then you are logically corrupt

… that’s a crazy conclusion from the statement ... how did logic take you there?

Paul, Derbyshire
… explain dilution science...

Since it's what you do, I expect you know the science of it. It isn't what I do.

Paul, Derbyshire
… so you put your head in the sand huh

It doesn't bother me not knowing everything. I'm grateful to know at least something.

Paul, Derbyshire
… just to let you know homeopathy is fraud

It isn't, that's my point. It is a healing system, different from allopathy. That's all.

The real difference to me is: we know the limits of allopathy & don't of #homeopathy. They both work.

And you are full of fears and anxieties.

Another piece of guesswork you've got wrong? This is becoming such a habit eh?

I don't guess much. Arguing is my addictive habit. And yours, apparently. Good holiday?

Paul, Derbyshire
... but your facts and thus your argument are totally false. Therefore you lose a lot

Go and be amazed by homeopathy, dude. Live a little!

And it does go on, but it is all trivial stuff, as arguing trying to discuss health skeptics is a pointless and unenlightening task! Which is why I never take part in it!