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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Cholesterol. Just how important are Statin drugs to our health?

The conventional medical establishment has for decades now told us that high cholesterol levels is one of the biggest risk factors for heart disease, and that it raises our risk of future heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular problems.

Yet, as Agora Health stated, in their recent newsletter, the problem is that lowering your cholesterol is virtually useless for preventing heart disease! They say that there is 'a ton of evidence' proving that cholesterol is not the deadly demons it has been made out to be!

     "For instance, did you know that fully half of all people admitted to hospital with a heart attack had no previous symptoms… and had cholesterol levels in the normal range?"

     "Moreover, studies also show that most people with high cholesterol almost NEVER have a heart attack. If they did, heart attack rates would be TRIPLE what they currently are!"

The problem with this kind of evidence is that it does not sell pharmaceutical drugs! The cholesterol myth has been the main reason for the enormous commercial success of Statin drugs. Therefore, the conventional medical establishment is loath to tell us, and our doctors are probably not allowed to do so.

It is, of course, one thing to take a drug that is useful. It is quite another to take a drug that is known to have serious side effects, drugs that to use a less pejorative term, causes illness and disease.

Our doctors have been telling us for years that Statin drugs are entirely safe. Indeed, many doctors have thought they were so safe they wanted all of us to take them! But my website on Statin drugs outlines the damage that useless Statin drugs can cause.

     "In 2010, a Nottingham university study was published in the British Medical Journal, and reported here in Reuters. It found that people taking Statin drugs have a higher risk of liver dysfunction, kidney failure, muscle weakness and cataracts. The study was a large one, covering over 2 million people in Britain, but the author's of the report were reported as saying that the study was unlikely to affect of Statin drugs!"

     "The link between Statin drugs and Diabetes is also strong. Diabetes is now at epidemic levels, and is usually dismissed as being the result of what we eat. But Statin drugs appear to play a significant role in this too."

     "Memory loss, confusion and dementia are now also linked to Statin drugs. The FDA,(US drug regulator) states on its website, dated 20th January 2015,  that "it has been been investigating reports of cognitive impairment from statin use for several years" and that "the agency has reviewed databases that record reports of bad reactions to drugs and statin clinical trials that included assessments of cognitive function. The FDA report talks about memory loss, forgetfulness and confusion that "span all statin products and all age groups".

Statins have been called the greatest medical fraud of all time, and perhaps in time this is how they will be recognised, and the conventional medical establishment will see fit to tell patients, honestly and truthfully, about the harm Statin drugs cause. However, despite all the evidence, it will probably be a long time before our conventional doctors are allowed to tell us, and the pharmaceutical industry  has the honesty, based on the scientific information already available to it, to withdraw and ban this too-profitable drug.