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Wednesday 26 August 2015

MMR Vaccine, Autism, and the silence and culpability of the Political, Medical and Media Establishment

In the early 2000's, the truth about the MMR vaccine, and its connection with the epidemic rise of Autism in children, was beginning to emerge. Leading doctors and scientists, like Andrew Wakefield were raising awareness, and for a short time the number of parents prepared to risk vaccinating their children was in serious decline.

The conventional medical establishment, led by the Big Pharma drugs companies, were quick to take action. It was, after all, impacting on both their credibility and their profits. So they produced a study in 2004 that proved, conclusively, that there was no connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism.

The 2004 medical study, "Age at first measles-mumps-rubella vaccination in children with autism and school-matched control subjects: a population-based study in metropolitan Atlanta" was used thereafter to stifle any debate about the MMR vaccine.

This was the end of all public debate! Measles continued to be a 'killer' disease (despite the lack of people dying from it). The MMR vaccine was essential to combat the disease. And moreover, it was entirely safe for our children.

After all, medical science had discovered the truth, and science does not lie.

So the governments of the world told us all to carry on. The national health services throughout the world got on with injecting the vaccines into our children. Our doctors and nurses were told that the debate about the safety of the vaccine was no longer in doubt.

But then, one year ago, in August 2014, one of the scientists involved in the 2004 study broke silence, and unearthed an enormous deception, a despicable fraud that the conventional medical establishment has covered up, and continues to cover-up, as best it can.

William Thomson, an experienced researcher for the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention) in the USA admitted that he had concealed evidence that would have indicated that there was a connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism. Thompson, and his two colleagues who undertook the research, Frank DeStefano and Collen Boyle are all top CDC 'experts' in the field of vaccine safety.

The result was that for over 10 years, parents have continued to vaccinate their children based on evidence that was a total and complete lie.

So after Thompson's revelations last year, have governments and the national health services throughout the world sought to remedy the situation? Are patients, at last, being told? Or are they going to be told? Has the MMR vaccine been withdrawn pending further studies? Has there been further (more honest) efforts to study the connection between vaccine and Autism?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding "NO". The only response has been the continuation of a cover-up, orchestrated by the conventional medical establishment, and meekly accepted by the mainstream media.

The silence is deadly.

Over 11 years after the 'conclusive' study, and over 1 year since the deception and fraud was admitted by one of the medical scientists involved in the study, nothing has happened. Throughout all this time, and even now, at this very moment, whilst you read this blog, parents are yielding up their children's arm to receive the injection - believing that it will do no harm to their child.

Many parents of healthy children will thereafter spend a lifetime of looking them because of the vaccine damage inflicted by a deeply corrupt medical system that does not want us to know the truth about vaccines, and refuses to tell us the truth, even after it has been revealed.

Except, of course, it has not been revealed. Our mainstream media have been completely silent. They have not sought to discuss it, or even to examine whether Thompson's information is true. Small sections of the conventional medical establishment have whispered, quietly, that Thompson's statements are untrue. And our 'free' media have accepted all this, at face value, without question!

Thompson himself has been silent. Given the enormity of what he has revealed, the public might have thought there would be demands from governments, from politicians, from the media, from our 'free' press, for him to make his evidence known so that it can be properly examined.

This has all been happening in the USA, so are Thompson's revelations known about there? There can be no doubt about this. A USA Congressman has publicly presented to matter to the USA Congress. Yet, as John Rappoport (who has taken a lead in publicising this matter) has said, we need to hear from him, fully, properly, but that we are unlikely to do so. In his blog dated 23 August 2015 he said this"

     "At the moment, the possibility of such a hearing is remote, because the US Congress is bought and sold"

It is an alarming statement, yet what other reason can we provide for the ongoing silence? Have our politicians, and our governments been 'bought and paid for' by the powerful conventional medical establishment? And if Big Pharma has bought our politicians and governments, have they also bought our media, our 'free' press?

We know that Big Pharma companies fund a significant part of political campaigns within the USA. If the situation is not so bad in Britain, and elsewhere in Europe, they are still powerful players within our societies. We know that drug company executives are on the boards of influential media companies, and vice versa - wheels within wheels - I'll scratch your back if....?

I have been aware for many years now that the British mainstream media are not prepared to publicise news that might be, in any way, 'critical' of conventional medicine, although they are willing to publicise any news release, from any drug company, that speaks of new 'medical breakthroughs', or 'magic pills' that will transform our health!

Even the British (so-called) 'public service broadcaster', the BBC, refuses to inform it viewers, listeners and readers of anything that might be considered minutely critical of the conventional medical establishment. For instance, they, like the rest of the mainstream media, have never bothered to tell the general public about the Thompson revelations.

As far as they are concerned, we can all continue accepting the vaccines conventional doctors thrust upon us, without demure, without question, without the merest mention that something just might be wrong.

There is an issue of culpability arising here. 

If we, as patients, are given a medicine, a drug, a vaccine, a medical test, that proves to be harmful to us, we would expect to receive compensation from the manufacturer. This is what happens in other areas of commerce and business. So, what if governments, politicians, national health services, doctors and nurses, and our mainstream media are also aware of the dangers of these treatments, and do not inform us, what is their culpability?

Actually, there is little or no culpability resting anywhere in this, or related matters concerning our health. Even the drug companies, who profit enormously from these harmful treatments, have stated that any future compensation payments have been 'factored in' to the cost of the treatments! That is, they accept that their treatments will be harmful, and the price they charge us, as patients, has been increased to pay for any damages we might make against them!

And besides, most of our governments have provided the drug companies with 'indemnity' against any such claims we might want to make. If we are damaged, it will not be the pharmaceutical giants who pay, it will be our governments - through the taxes WE pay.

Nor are we just talking about one rogue study here. As Rappoport goes on to say in his blog:

     "More is at stake here than the danger of the MMR vaccine. The CDC has done hundreds of key studies on vaccine safety. There are all thrown into doubt by Thompson's assertion, recently quoted by Congressman Bill Posey on the floor of Congress, that Thompson and his colleagues brought a garbage can into the CDC office and threw out documents that would  have shown the MMR connection to Autism

As Rappoport says, this displays a massive indifference to human life and safety. And it is this indifference that underlies everything done by the conventional medical establishment, and indeed everyone within this powerful establishment who fails to speak out, and inform patients about the potential harm and dangers of the treatments they offer us.

Thompson himself has apparently spoken to Andrew Wakefield, and others about the damage caused by vaccines, and in particular, vaccines that contain mercury (thimerosal). So clearly it is not just the MMR vaccine that is brought into question here!

In truth, we have all been bought and paid for by the conventional medical establishment, and this establishment is now so totally corrupt it cannot admit the damage it causes patients.
  • is it now impossible for our governments and politicians to tell us that the drugs and vaccines it has been giving us for decades have been a disaster?
  • is it now possible for our doctors and nurses to tell us that the treatments they have been giving to us have been largely ineffective, and usually harmful to our health?
  • is it now possible for our mainstream media to inform us about the failures of the conventional medical system when for decades it has been meekly and unquestioningly subservient to it?
It is difficult for people in any walk of life to admit to themselves that they have been culpable in failure, in a dangerous and harmful enterprise. It is even more difficult to admit the truth openly, in public.

In this sense, Thompson has been brave to break his silence. Rappoport believes that he has been hauled in, and effectively silenced. If so, this is a frantic effort to keep the truth from the general public. It is a silence imposed by deeply implicated, fearful and culpable political, medical and media establishments.

     "To achieve the stunning media silence of (the last) year, there was active repression and collusion and pressure, and lies told and excuses made".

Yet this is a huge story, and there are plenty of others like it about our medical system. If our politicians, our governments, and our 'free' press will not speak, they should perhaps realise that information is now available through the internet, through blogs like this one, and John Rappoport's.

But more whistleblowers are necessary. Surely, there are doctors and nurses out there who are aware of the damage their treatments are causing to patients? They need to come forward, and speak about their experiences. They need to join us, and to make the decision to protect patients throughout the world.