Tuesday, 4 August 2015

DCIS and Breast Cancer. Beware conventional treatment!

DCIS or 'Ductal Cell Carcinoma in Situ' is often described as a 'pre-cancerous' condition, where there are "abnormal cancer cells in the breast ducts, but the cancer has not yet spread" (NHS Choices). It is, say conventional medicine, a precursor to breast cancer. But, in actually fact, DCIS is not cancer

The diagnosis of DCIS is rising rapidly. A Natural News article states that in the USA it rose from 1.87 per 100,000 to 32.5 in 2004. It has been a similar rise in Britain, and throughout Europe, and no doubt elsewhere.

DCIS is a 'new disease', and condition barely mentioned prior to the 1980's. But technically it is not cancer, and statistically the Natural News article states that the risk of dying from DCIS within five years is "a mere 0.7%". Yet what a God-send it has been for the conventional medical establishment!

Breast cancer rates can be seen to rise, significantly. But the death rate appears to be falling. And conventional medicine can claim responsibility for this magnificent outcome! 

There is also the benefit that DCIS requires treatment, and conventional treatment for DCIS are similar to those for breast cancer, including radiation, lumpectomies and the use of the drug Tamoxifen.

A friend was diagnosed with DCIS in 2006, had an operation, and then spent several years taking Tamoxifen. Like 99.3% of women diagnosed with DCIS she did not go on to develop breast cancer. She put this down to the operation, and to taking the drug. So what can be said about the value of conventional medical treatment?

  • Did treatment really prevent her developing breast cancer? 
  • And did her experience go into the statistics about conventional medicines successful treatment?

The reverse may well be true. As the Natural News article states, conventional treatments for DCIS can actually be the cause of the breast cancer it purports to prevent!

My friend had regular mammograms, and it was one such test that discovered her condition.
Yet mammography emits low-dose radiation and repeated exposure to this is known to increase breast cancer risk. This study, for examples, found "that low-dose ionizing radiation, and particularly exposures during childhood, increase breast cancer risk".

She was quickly operated on, a 'Lumpectomy'. The effects of surgery on tumour growth has been known about for a very long time, and as the Natural Health article says:

         "It is an established fact that surgery breaches the natural barriers that encase a tumor which enables cancer cells to escape and spread. The trauma of surgery stimulates tumor cell growth as well and reduces natural killer cell activity that is designed to destroy cancer cells".

And then she spent several years on the drug, Tamoxifen. There have been serious question about this particular drug for many decades. The WHO actually classifies this drug as a carcinogen. It is known to trigger more dangerous forms of cancer, including breast and endometrial cancer, as well as cancer of the stomach and colon. It is also known to cause blood clots, a 'fatty' liver, low sex drive, and memory impairment.

My friend did not develop breast cancer. But she did die of Alzheimer's Disease, shortly after stopping Tamoxifen.

Her death will never be attributed to Tamoxifen, or indeed to any other conventional medical treatment. Death certificates are signed by conventional doctors, and they do not implicate the medical practices they themselves practice. So officially, she died of dementia. The question remains, however, what caused the dementia?

The fact is that she undertook all three conventional treatments for a condition that kills only 0.7% of those diagnosed with the condition. This needs to be addressed, not just for her, not just for the treatment of other women with DCIS, but for patients receiving conventional treatment for any condition.

In other words, we need to begin questioning the safety of all conventional medical treatment, which often cause health outcomes far worse than the condition originally treated.