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Thursday 2 July 2015

The Autism Epidemic in Scotland, and throughout the world

The first cases of Autism were reported in the USA in the 1940's. Before that there was no such disease, it was just not known.

At the same time the conventional medical establishment began to vaccinate us, injecting mercury, or aluminium, and other noxious substances into our bloodstream.

And as we have vaccinated ourselves more and more, Autism has grown, and grown, and continues to grow. We now have an Autism epidemic.

Our doctors continue to insist that there is no connection between the two trends, that vaccination is entirely safe, and that Autism is caused by ..... well, they don't actually know. This is what NHS Choices says,

     "The exact causes of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are unknown, although it is thought that several complex genetic and environmental factors are involved.

A recent article published in Natural News on 26th June 2015 demonstrates just how rapidly the Autism epidemic is developing, and harming our children; and they use statistics from Scotland to demonstrate it.

     "The UK is facing an unprecedented number of new autism cases, according to new research. Figures in Scotland, which are among the most comprehensive available in the British isles, reveal that the autism rate among students at Scottish schools is up 1,360% percent since 1998, with no perceivable end in sight.

The immense growth rate of autism in Scotland over the past 16 years is highlighted by the following:

Year |       Total number of pupils |       Number of pupils with an ASD
1998         758,414                                820
1999         755,081                                959
2000         751,243                                1,245
2001         745,063                                1,515
2002         738,597                                2,204
2003         732,122                                2,663
2004         723,554                                3,090
2005         713,240                                3,484
2006         702,737                                2,443
2007         692,215                                3,919
2008         681,573                                4,900
2009         676,740                                5,254
2010         673,133                                6,506
2011         670,511                                7,801
2012         671,218                                8,650
2013         673,530                                9,946

As the article suggests these figures might be something to trigger some concern, and some investigation. But they do not! There is a wall of silence. Our doctors don't tell us, even about a possible connection. The NHS is quite happy to continue with the vaccination schedule, even to increase it. The Government is too frightened that the Big Pharma companies may pull out their investment in Britain. And the British media is asleep!

After all, these figures have been published in an American website, not by a concerned media, keen to look after our health!

If parents want to avoid their children becoming Autistic they have to begin taking matters into their own hands, and to refuse to allow them to be vaccinated. No-one else seems prepared to do anything about it.