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Thursday 16 July 2015

Drug Regulation. Pharmaceutical drugs that have killed people, and caused disease, have all been approved.

Pharmaceutical drug regulation system has failed patients

Every pharmaceutical drug and vaccine that has been found to cause disease, and are known to have killed people, have passed through the regulatory process designed to protect patients!

So this poster is not a joke - it is real.


The drug regulatory system should ensure all the following:

  • drug companies have thoroughly researched the drug
  • drug companies have thoroughly test the drug, to prove that it works, and if safe for patients to take.
  • Drug regulators, in every country, thoroughly review the evidence prior to approving and giving a licence to any particular drug.
So it must be self evidently true that all the drugs and vaccines that have caused side effects, adverse reactions, disease and death - and most conventional drugs and vaccines do all these things - have "slipped through the net".

Actually, there is no realistic net. The drug regulators in every country, including the FDA in the USA, and the MHRA in Britain, is dominated by Big Pharma place-men who see their role as safeguarding pharmaceutical profits rather than protecting patients.

Most conventional pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines harm patients. Most of them actually cause disease. Many of them are known to kill patients.

What should we learn from this? There can be no assumption that any drug or vaccine approved by drug regulators can be trusted not to harm us.