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Monday 29 April 2013

Vaccines: the research evidence

The Conventional Medical Establishment wants us all to get vaccinated against a growing number of illnesses and diseases. In most cases, we are told, these vaccines are 'entirely safe'. But they are not! Categorically, they are not!

What is the evidence for this unequivocal statement? In previous blogs I have tried, in a piecemeal manner, to put together some of the evidence, but GreenMedTV have put together on this web page (click here) all (or at least most) of the research evidence for the adverse reactions they have been found to cause. It is a huge list, and this how they describe this evidence.

          "The research below represents under-reported, minimized and otherwise overlooked peer-reviewed data on adverse effects associated with vaccination."

This is how the evidence has been collected together, and presented to the US government. Remember that in the USA, more so that the UK, there are much stronger move by the conventional medical establishment to make these toxic, and harmful vaccines, mandatory!

Anti Therapeutic Actions
Problem Substances
Additional Keywords
On the GreenMed TV webpage, for each of these lines, a click takes you to specific pieces of peer-reviewed research, from where you can click to see the research itself. For instance, click on research available on the adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine (the one we have all been urged by the conventional medical establishment to have in recent weeks) and you will find 25 pieces of peer-reviewed research evidence that links the MMR vaccine with a whole serious of illness and diseases.
  • Research indicating that the design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies are largely inadequate
  • Several links to research linking the MMR vaccine with Autism, and other "serious neurological disorders"
  • Links with a rare neurological condition, traverse myelitis 
  • Research indicating that autistic children have elevated levels of measles antibodies, indicating that measles vaccination may be causing autoimmunity in these children
  • Links with Multiple Schlerosis
  • Links with febrile convulsions
  • Four separate studies showing links between the MMR vaccine and Purpura
  • Research showing that of patients catching mumps in 1998-1999, 51% has received the MMR vaccine, thus bringing into question its effectiveness
  • Research show that the incidence of adverse reactions to vaccines are under-reported (denied?), and that it might be as high as 43% for certain vaccine combinations.
  • Research showing that measles virus DNA from the MMR vaccine have been found in patients with ulcerative colitis, and children with Autism,
  • Research show that MMR 'catch-up' immunisation in a measles epidemic did not confer protection, and was associated with a variety of new 'side-effects'.
  • Research indicating that the combination of the MMR and the DPT vaccines (given to most children in the UK) leads to a significant increase in the rate of adverse reactions.
  • Research indicating that the MMR vaccine causes autoantibodies to be formed against myelin basic protein contributing to the pathogenesis of autism
  • Research indicating increased mortality, especially in female children
  • and much more!
Despite conventional medicine claiming itself to be 'evidence-based',  and that ConMed is the only 'science-based' medicine, this evidence appears to be routinely ignored by the Department of Health, the NHS, our local GP's, and the mainstream media.  This is highly unscientific. And it is all evidence that patients are being denied.

Clearly, we are not supposed to know about any of this. Our task is to 'take the medicine\, as required of us by the conventional medical profession, But without this information, no patient can make an informed choice about his/her medical treatment. 

So if our doctors are not going to tell us, and the mainstream media is not going to tell us, we all need to read this research for ourselves before we go ahead with any vaccination.