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Wednesday 10 April 2013

The MMR Vaccine. Our GP's, the NHS and Big Pharma know it's dangerous!

How would you describe a vaccine that caused Seizures, Febrile Convulsions, Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Purpura, Arthritis, Myalgia, Encephalitis,  Guillian-Barre Syndrome, Meningitis, Retinitis, and DEATH? More to the point, would you take it? Or would you give it to your child?

These are just a few of the diseases that are apparently caused by the MMR Vaccine.

Your doctor, the NHS, and the Big Pharma companies tell us that the vaccine is safe. They urge us to ensure that our children are vaccinated. Many people within the Conventional Medical Establishment support compulsory vaccination.

And our Media, headed by the public broadcaster, the BBC, appear to support them in this, unreservedly, and without any serious questioning. Indeed, BBC News seems to go out of their way to urge us all to ensure that we, and our children, are fully vaccinated.

Jeremy Paxman, on Newsnight (9th April 2013) appeared incredulous that mandatory vaccination was not imposed in Britain. He interviewed just two people, both in support of vaccination, one in support of compulsorily vaccination. This is typical of BBC's lack of impartiality. Whilst Paxman clearly expressed his personal views, he (and the BBC) clearly have no knowledge that there are real and genuine concerns about the safety of vaccines.

But, I hear you say, how do we know that the MMR vaccine causes these diseases? Where is the evidence? Our doctors, the NHS, and the Department of Health would surely not approve a vaccine, or a drug, that can cause such dangers.

Well, according to this website, they DO know, and the information comes on the MMR package insert from the manufacturer. Merck lists the following adverse reactions on their package insert.
  • Panniculitis 
  • atypical measles 
  • fever 
  • syncope 
  • headache 
  • dizziness 
  • malaise 
  • irritability 
  • vasculitis 
  • pancreatitis 
  • diarrhea 
  • vomiting 
  • parotitis 
  • nausea 
  • diabetes mellitus 
  • thrombocytopenia 
  • purpura 
  • regional lymphadenopathy 
  • leukocytosis 
  • Anaphylaxis and anaphylactoid reactions 
  • angioneurotic edema 
  • bronchial spasms 
  • arthritis 
  • anthralgia 
  • myalgia 
  • encephalitis 
  • encephalopathy 
  • subacute sclerosing panencephalitis 
  • Guillian Barre Syndrome 
  • febrile convulsions 
  • seizures 
  • ataxia 
  • polyneuritis 
  • polyneuropathy 
  • ocular palsies 
  • paresthesia 
  • aseptic meningitis 
  • Pneumonitis 
  • sore throat 
  • cough 
  • rhinitis 
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome 
  • erythema multiforme 
  • urticaria 
  • rash 
  • pruritis 
  • nerve deafness 
  • otitis media 
  • retinitis 
  • optic neuritis 
  • papillitis 
  • retrobulbar neuritis 
  • conjunctivitis 
  • Orchitis 
  • DEATH 
The issue here is not just that this vaccine causes these diseases, it is that parents and patients are not being told about it, either by the Conventional Medical Establishment, or by the British Media.

So, we need to know from the Department of Health, the NHS, and our GP's, why we are not being told about this.

And we need to know from the British Media, including the BBC, why they are not fulfilling their duty to inform the public.