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Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Disease Inducing Effects (DIEs) of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines

The terms 'side-effect' or 'adverse reaction' do not adequately describe the damage that Big Pharma drugs and vaccines can do to us. Indeed to describe the carnage caused some of these drugs as 'side-effects' or ‘adverse reactions’ is an understatement of enormous proportions. Both are inadequate descriptions of what pharmaceutical drugs can do, and a gross underestimate of the human tragedy they cause on a regular basis to millions of patients.

Indeed, to talk of ‘side-effects’ makes a mockery of the reality. The lives of individuals and families can be fundamentally changed, even destroyed, by the serious ill-health that arises as a direct consequence of taking drugs people are led to believe will make them better. 
Conventional medical drugs and vaccines can, and do, create new diseases, often diseases much worse and more life-threatening than the original condition for which the drugs were given. And they can kill us. For instance:

·        Beta blockers may lower blood pressure. But they are also known to cause diabetes, and increase the risk of death.

·        Statin drugs are said to protect against heart disease, and are said to be ‘entirely safe’. But they are also known to cause mental and neurological problems, kidney failure, Parkinsons disease, myoopathy, a muscle wasting disease called rhabdomyolysis, which is a killer - and death.

·        NSAID Painkillers, including Cox-2 painkillers, may temporarily deaden pain. But they are now known to cause gastro-intestinal bleeding, renal failure, and heart failure.

·        Antidepressant drugs may be thought to treat depression. But some have proven to increase the risk of suicide, especially in children and young people.

For this reason we need a new, more accurate way of describing the real outcome and consequences of taking drugs - a description that illustrates realistically what they do to the human body. 

    Big Pharma drugs produce 
         Disease-Inducing Effects, 
              Incapacity-Inducing Effects, 
                   Addiction-Producing Effects, 
                        Quality-of-Life Destroying Effects,
                                and too often, Killer-Effects. They cause death!
The terms 'side-effect' and 'adverse reaction' are inadequate to describe this health damage, and should be replaced by the term  'Disease Inducing Effects', or DIE's, particularly apt as the 'D' can be used interchangeably for either 'disease' and 'death'.

This blog was first published in the e-book, "The Failure of Conventional Medicine". It describes, in detail,  the reason for the failure of Conventional medicine, dominated as it is by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.