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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Conventional Medicine and the despair of patients? Avoid breast cancer by voluntary mastectomy?

Conventional medicine is failing, and failing badly.

Okay. Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are unsafe, and often downright dangerous. Given time, most pharmaceutical drugs are either withdrawn of banned as a result. They cause serious illness and disease. They kill 10s of 1000s of people every year.

Okay, Big Pharma drugs are ineffective, most of them quite useless. Recent studies have suggested that 85% of pharmaceutical drugs just don't work.

Okay. We know that a growing number of people are refusing to take them, most notably doctors and  nurses - yes, the very people who are willing to give them to us!

But how does this medical failure show up in the behaviour of patients?

Conventional Medicine appears to operate in a continual state of panic. There is usually an annual panic about flu epidemics. Or the re-emergence of diseases, like Whooping Cough. But usually in this blog I have discounted these (and other 'panics') as a ploy by Big Pharma companies to sell their drugs and vaccines to us. However, it is becoming apparent that this is not the only consequence.

The willingness of healthy women to remove their breasts is a huge vote of 'no confidence' in the only medical system they know about - ConMed.

What does this mean? Contract breast cancer, and women have no confidence that ConMed will be able to help them. But worse, doctors who agree to this surgery must also agree with this assessment - that they have no effective or safe treatment for breast cancer. Otherwise they would surely refuse to contemplate such an horrendous violation of a woman's body.

* Moreover, as the articles above suggest, the risks of the operation are probably equal to the risk of contracting breast cancer - certainly more certain!

* And Homeopathy informs us that if a disease is treated by suppressing it, or removing the part involved in the disease, the disease is likely to emerge elsewhere.

Conventional Medicine, on the surface, appears very arrogant. They regularly inform us about new 'miracle' treatments, or 'wonder' cures. They tell us they are overcoming disease. They tell us we are all living longer because of the medication. They tell us that conventional medicine is the only 'science-based' medicine.

Yet, under the surface, there appears to be little confidence in their ability to treat disease. The regular panics about disease epidemics, the willingness of conventional medicine to perform unnecessary mastectomy operations, both suggest that the conventional medical establishment recognises, and acts on the basis, that it is short of safe and effective treatments for a variety of diseases.