Monday, 16 April 2012

Why Big Pharma drugs always fail

"The art of healing comes from nature and not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature."   Paracelsus 1493-1541.
Conventional medicine has always looked for ‘wonder’ drugs that could cure disease. It was widely expected that science would generate dramatic breakthroughs in medicine - just as it had done in most other spheres of life. During the 19th and early 20th century our lives had been transformed by electricity, telephony, the internal combustion engine, and much else - so, the argument went, science would surely lead to the end of the scourge of disease.

The failure of conventional medicine has been dramatic, particularly over the last 100 years, and especially over the last 20 years. Big Pharma drugs have been found to cause chronic disease, to lead to drug dependency, and to kill the patients it sought to treat. New diseases, previously rare or unknown have been created - and Big Pharma drugs and vaccines are heavily implicated in the rise and rise of chronic diseases, or all types. Even conventional medicine's ‘wonder drug’ of all ‘wonder drugs’, antibiotics, are now known to be dangerous to our health, and in any case, because of massive over-use, resistance to them is becoming a serious and increasing problem.
Of course, conventional medicine still seeks to claim the credit for the demise of acute diseases that once caused so much death during the 19th century. But any investigation into these claims is found to be bogus. Cholera, scarlet fever, typhoid, typhus, et al, were declining, rapidly, long before ConMed introduced its drugs and vaccines. The decline was the result of public health measures, the reduction of poverty, and improved housing and diet.
The hope and expectation conventional medicine produced in the early 20th century led traditional therapies, like homeopathy, to decline. But during the latter part of the 20th century, and particularly now in the 21st century, people are returning to traditional therapies. The dreams of ConMed, and the medical science that underlies it, have become an increasing nightmare.
At the most fundamental level, medical science's understanding of illness and disease is, and always has been, deeply flawed. It has studied what is happening to the human body in disease in enormous detail, and can describe disease with enormous complexity, in terms of what it has seen. But crucially, it has always ignored the fact that part of what happens to our bodies in disease is, in large measure, the body’s response to the disease.

What this leads to is that conventional medicine, and Big Pharma drugs in particular, actually attack the very processes adopted by the body to make itself well. What pharmaceutical drugs seek to do is to 'out-think' the body. They act against the body. They refuse to allow the body to do what it is ideally suited to do - to heal itself.
Conentional medicine's strategy might appear to work on a temporary basis, but ultimately, it is destined to fail. Initially, there may be so-called side-effects; then more serious adverse reactions; and then the patient will go down with other diseases, usually worse than the original condition. And all this happens in the mistaken belief that drugs can heal us better than the body itself. 
This process has become a familiar picture with so many patients. Rapidly declining health is more often blamed on ‘bad luck’, or on the ravages of life and living, than the outcome of a medical system supposed to treat the original illness.
What is more, conventional medicine is the only medical therapy that adopts such a strategy. All traditional therapies seek to support the body, and its natural functions. They do not attempt to second-guess them. This is why treating ‘like with like’, as homeopathy does, is more successful. Similarly the needles of acupuncture, the pressures and manipulation of reflexology, and other massage therapies, are all aimed at stimulating, rather than repressing or subverting, the body's reaction to disease.
So will pharmaceutical drugs, ever work? I will finish this blog with another passage from my book, ‘The Failure of Conventional Medicine’which goes into much greater detail about ConMed, its failure, and the certainty of this failure.
          "It may be difficult for people to grasp that conventional medicine will never work. We can see the unbelievable scope of the knowledge science has developed about the way the human body works. We observe the amazing ability of medical tests to show us what is happening within the human body. We see the brilliance of surgeons performing operations that would have been quite impossible only a few years ago. And we assume that with all this knowledge and skill they are able to make us better."
The problem is that even with all this knowledge, understanding and skill, ConMed has little or no understanding of what actually makes the sick human body better. Indeed, it has abandoned the insights that traditional medicine has known for centuries, and by obstinately rubbishing these therapies, it has condemned itself to ongoing and increasing failure.
In other words, conventional medicin will never work because it has failed, and continues determinedly to fail, to comply with the essential laws of nature and health.