Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A former 'Skeptic' defects, and speaks out!

When a skeptic (or homeopathy denier as we call them) sees through the 'game' they are playing with the truth, it has to be good news! But when, as described here, the former skeptic provides a detailed and well-considered insight and analysis into the psyche of skepticism, particularly when it is spoken with such integrity, it is even better. This is what he has to say about 'skepticism' and medical science.

Medical science. In criticising homeopathy, chiropractic, faith healing and the like, skeptics tend to overstate the integrity of medical science, which for all its achievements is still rife with difficulties. I can't help but be suspicious of a field in which research is dominated by a handful of particularly large and unscrupulous corporations. But even if Big Pharma doesn't bother you, you should consider, for example, the political assumptions inherent in the sciences of pathology and psychopathology. Symptoms can be empirically there, but the decision to categorise a set of symptoms as an illness is frequently a political call. Over the years, medical science has tended to pathologise those sets of symptoms which interfere with an individual's participation in the profit system (like physical disability), or which confirm existing social prejudices (homosexuality and female hysteria were once considered mental illnesses), or which can be profitably "treated", regardless of whether the symptoms are actually debilitating (a process known as disease-mongering). It is conceivable that to a future society all these decisions might seem as barbaric as the decision to categorise a set of cranial measurements as characteristic of an inferior race. 

The analysis is much deeper than this, and for any social group (including homeopathy and CAM practitioners) that has had to go through the tiresome negativity of these people, this blog is certainly worth reading. The power of Big Corp is certainly behind these people.