Friday, 2 March 2012

Avastin. The new Conventional Medical breakthrough for some cancers?

Mimms have announced that the drug, Avastin, has now been licensed for ovarian, fallopian tube, and peritoneal cancers.

What a wonderful breakthrough! So for more of this good news from ConMed and Big Parma, look at this link.

But before rejoicing too much, look at these articles:

* Avastin can cause potentially fatal brain inflammation.
* Avastin can cause blindness.
* Avastin was (almost) withdrawn in the USA in 2007.

Avastin drug sales dropped as a result of this, and other evidence known about Avastin for many years. So, if this new 'evidence' an attempt by Big Pharma to rehabilitate the drug? You will note the Mimms article makes no mention whatsoever of these DIEs (disease inducing effects) of the drug.

So presumably, Roche,  the drug company thinks it is okay to go on selling it.

And the Drug Regulator thinks it is okay to approve it for these cancers.

And one of the magazines giving advice to GPs thinks it is okay for doctors to prescribe it.

But is this not normal practice for Conventional Medicine and Big Pharma? Why should uncomfortable facts get in the way of making big profits selling dangerous drugs to sick people?

What do you think?