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Tuesday 20 December 2011

GMO Food - for our nutrition? Or their profit?

There is probably nothing sacred in this world that Big Corps, like Monsanto, will not jeopardise - if, of course, they think they can make enough profit from it!

Our food, and its production, is certainly a case in point. Added to the herbicides and pesticides that have become part of our non-organic food supply for over 50 years now, GM food is the latest threat.

GMO's, of course, are crops that can be sprayed with even larger amounts of pesticides - so they are considered to be 'good' - not only for the sellers of seed, but for the chemical industry too!

But are they good for our health?

This blog looks at the evidence for GMOs, and why they are so dangerous for our health, and why we should be actively avoiding them. First, though, ask yourself a question.

Have you asked for GMO-based food? Did you have a problem with non-GMO food?

     1. GM crops are linked with organ failure, and other biological dangers (see below)
     2. The spawning of new superbugs
     3. The Monsanto herbicide, Roundup, is creating superweeds and these are currently infesting millions of acres of land. (Click here for more on this subject here).
     4. Monsanto is involved in producing Aspartame (see my recent blog on artificial sweeteners).

This powerful article argues, indeed it states, that Monsanto is 'secretly' poisoning us with crops that can withstand their herbicide, Roundup. It describes how this herbicide has caused birth defects for over 30 years, goes over evidence of 'horrific reproductive disorders' caused in tests with Roundup, and how regulatory agencies have failed in their duty to protect us.

Some countries have banned GMO's already - countries which, unlike us, are not beholden to Big Corp and their industrial and commercial success. This article covers the banning of GM crops in Peru. In doing so, Peru joins countries like Austria and Hungary.

The Mercola article demonstrates just why it is difficult to get our governments to act on GMOs. There is a massive, and extraordinarily expensive GMO campaign by the Bio-Tech industry that is targetting the US Congress. It says that $572 million has been spent - in an effort to 'ease' the regulatory controls on GM crops. 

So what price the health of consumers? When compared with the profits of Big Corp, the value placed on our health appears not to be an issue. GMOs are already finding their way into our baby food, according to this article.

There are an increasing number of studies are beginning to raise questions about the health impact of GMO crops. This article, for instance, links GMOs to organ failure.

"It's no use pretending we have a representative government when we are faced with a corporate plutocracy that owns the government".

GM plants are certainly a threat to organic farming. This article suggests that organic farmers in the USA are now fighting back to protect their interests from Monsanto, with 270,000 of them prosecuting the company. Of course, organic farming is of little commercial value to companies like Monsanto.

Yet another good reason to buy organic food whenever possible!