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Tuesday 13 December 2011

The Failure of ConMed. No evidence base for this medicine?

The claim of Big Pharma companies, and the Conventional Medical Establishment, is that it supports 'Evidence-Based' Medicine (EBM). The argument here is that in making a judgement about the efficacy of medical therapies, we need less 'evidence' (especially when the evidence proves to be poor, or just wrong, in the course of time), and instead place more reliance on 'outcomes'. ConMed, of course, wants neither.

Much of the 'evidence' that supports conventional medicine is poor or unreliable evidence. This important article outlines the problems associated with EBM, and should be read by anyone who is looking for a safer, more effective medical therapy, but is not yet ready to accept that conventional medicine is failing. It begins by questioning the very concept of EBM.

          "The assumption that EBM is good science is unsound from the start. Decision science and cybernetics (the science of communication and control) highlight the disturbing consequences.EBM fosters marginally effective treatments, based on population averages rather than individual need. Its mega-trials are incapable of finding the causes of disease, even for the most diligent medical researchers, yet they swallow up research funds. Worse, EBM cannot avoid exposing patients to health risks. It is time for medical practitioners to discard EBM's tarnished gold standard, reclaim their clinical autonomy, and provide individualized treatments to patients.
And it continues by putting the individual patient at the centre of concern.

          "The key element in a truly scientific medicine would be a rational patient. This means that those who set a course of treatment would base their decision-making on the expected risks and benefits of treatment to the individual concerned. If you are sick, you want a treatment that will work for you, personally. Given the relevant information, a rational patient will choose the treatment the will be most beneficial. Of course, the patient is not in isolation but works with a competent physician, who is there to help the patient. The rational decision making unit then becomes the doctor-patient collaboration.
The continuing survival of conventional, drug based medicine can be put down to the failure of governments, national heath services, the mainstream media in telling us the truth about a form of medicine. Evidence of its failure is rife - but rarely reported. Indeed, the problems of writing this regular blog is that there is just so much information about corruption in the highest circles, the failure of Big Pharma drugs, the way these drugs create illness, the havoc they cause to individuals and families, the the epidemic rise of so many chronic diseases. So look through these internet articles - outlined only briefly here but available to anyone who wants to know why pharmaceutical drugs are not making us better, but sicker!

Let's start with the osteoporosis drug, Fosamax. This article explains how it can actually cause fractures, and brittle bones - that is, it makes worse the problem it is supposed to help! This has been known for many years; but the drug is still being used with patients who believe they are taking it to help their illness!

Drug cocktails can seriously damage your health! So do you take more than one drug?

Can antibiotics taken in pregnancy really lead to autism? And if so, how long will it be before the link is seriously investigated? And how long before the ConMed Establishment admits it?

So, perhaps our government, the NHS, Big Pharma, and the Conventional Medical Establishment is just not aware?

Or, more likely, is it that they are just not prepared to help making us aware?

The Failure of Conventional Medicine.