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Thursday 4 August 2011

Compulsory Medication

When big corporations get too big, too greedy, too desperate to make profit, they will go to any lengths to sell their products to us - even if is detrimental to our health. This is, in fact, the position of the Big Pharma companies now - and it has been some many years.

One of our greatest, and most important freedoms is the right to choose what medical therapy we use to keep us healthy, and to make us better when we become sick. Big Pharma, and their allies, are trying hard to overcome resistance to their drugs and vaccines - by forcing us to take them.

The situation is much worse in the USA than it is in the UK. There, children are being removed from their parents - because their parents are refusing to allow them to be vaccinated. See, for example, the "I support Maryanne Godboldo" campaign on Facebook. Her children have been removed from her care, and she is currently facing criminal proceedings, for this very reason.

Perhaps the most extreme example of Big Pharma, and the ConMed Establishment generally, over-reaching itself, and causing serious human rights transgressions, is over vaccines being given to young African children at gunpoint in Malawi. Apparently the families had actually fled the country in order to prevent the vaccination.  See, for example.

* What sort of medicine is it, that can be offered, free of charge to people, but who refuse it?
* What sort of medicine is it that seeks to force people to take medication, when they do not want it?

Indeed, what sort of medicine is it that can be offered, free, refused; and then for people to go out in search of more effective and safer medical therapies, like homeopathy, that usually has to be paid for?

The reason is, of course, that ConMed is dangerous, and ineffective - and increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of this. Moreover, some people are prepared to go to great lengths, and considerable personal inconvenience, to refuse it.

All this damning evidence against ConMed is alive and well in the UK. The NHS is trying desperately to prevent people having homeopathy treatment, to the point of refusing patients treatment - even when they are entitled to treatment. See, for instance the "Patient Choice, Homeopathy and the NHS" group on Facebook that I am organising.

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