Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fluoride. Poison intentionally placed in our water supply

Flouride is a known, and very dangerous poison.

But in many areas of the UK fluoride is intentionally added to our water supply. Indeed, if a local health organisation asks the local water company to add it, they are obliged to do so - even if people don't want it added. And this has now been confirmed in the courts (read the personal account of someone who fought the decision here).

One study has found that fluoride can damage the brain, and that children are particularly vulnerable.

But we add the poison directly to our water supply in order, it is said, to safeguard their teeth. For a similar reason, we are encouraged to clean our teeth with fluoride toothpaste.

The National Pure Water Association is campaigning to change current UK policy, and if you would like to support them in their effort to prevent this intentional poisoning of the population, visit this website.

Forced medication is something that the ConMed Establishment is keen on. It is currently rife in the USA, and there are murmurings in the UK that because Big Pharma drugs are 'so good for us' (sic), we should be forced to take them.

I ask the question. What sort of medical system is it that has to force people to take their medicine? Especially when that 'medicine' is given to us - free of charge!