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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Vaccination. Arguments for and against.

More and more, patient choice is coming under attack by the conventional health lobby. 
  • Get vaccinated, or don't go to school. 
  • Get rid of personal choice based on ethical or religious grounds. 
  • Vaccinate your dog, or it cannot enter a kennel. 
And so the drug enforcement regime of conventional medicine goes on. But what are the arguments for and against vaccination? 

This list of arguments is taken from a new book, 'Vaccine Epidemic; how corporate greed, biased science, and coercive government threaten our human rights, our health and our children'.

The Pro-Vaccine Camp

  1. Government officials are best qualified to make vaccination decisions.  Only government can ensure that a sufficiently high percentage of people vaccinate to preserve societal heard immunity.
  2. Vaccines are overwhelmingly safe and effective, and the benefits vastly outweigh the risks.  Adverse events are vanishingly rare.
  3. Science proves the benefit of vaccines beyond a reasonable doubt.  The science is in – vaccines are not responsible for any increase in common childhood health problems, including autism.  They’re safe and effective.
  4. Vaccine refusers are dangerous and selfish.  People who elect not to vaccinate are parasites.  They are selfish, irrational, and threaten others with deadly disease.
  5. Only “false prophets” suggest that vaccines may cause disorders like autism.  Quack healthcare practitioners concoct unfounded treatments for autism and prey on vulnerable parents desperate for help.  People should disdain and shun them.
  6. Vaccine exemptions should be abolished.  Dr. Offit and other suggest that states should abolish philosophical and religious exemptions.  l abuse them and put other at risk.  Because vaccines have been proven safe and effective, people have a social responsibility to vaccinate.

 The Pro-Choice Camp

  1. Vaccination choice is a human right.  Because vaccination poses a risk to life, liberty, and security of person, only an individual or gardian may decide how, when and whether to vaccinate.
  2. Society as a whole benefits from the cumulative impact of free and informed individual healthcare choices.  The theory of herd immunity is not an adequate rationale for state compulsion to vaccinate.
  3. Vaccine safety science is flawed and incomplete.  The IOM as well as informed scientists, doctors and officials have repeatedly acknowledged that fundamental questions about vaccine safety remain unanswered.
  4. The US vaccine program is rife with conflicts of interest.  Vaccines are big business and all of their promoters – pharma, government, medicine, and science – get their cut.  The vaccine program does not put children’s safety first.
  5. Biomedical interventions are valid.  Considerable science and anecdotal evidence support biomedical interventions’ for ASDs and other chronic conditions.  The interventions include diet, vitamin and mineral supplementation, chelation, and GI treatment.  Individuals are entitled to the practitioners and remedies of their choosing.
  6. Vaccination exemption rights must expand, not contract.  Individuals have the right to free and informed consent for all medical interventions, including vaccination. In practice, not just in theory, individuals must have the right to make their own decisions.

So, who do you back? Your own personal choice and preference. Or those who want to choose for us, and make fortunes doing so?

Are vaccines really dangerous? Well, look at the amounts of money drug companies have to pay out in compensation in the USA!

Difficult one, eh?