Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Conventional Medicine now the leading cause of death?

It has been estimated that 28,000 die, and there are almost 700,000 emergencies, arising from pharmaceutical drug poisoning in the USA.


These statistics were released recently by the American College of Emergency Physicians. The article says that conventional medicine is the 2nd largest cause of injury-related deaths in the USA. But the situation is actually worse than this.


This feature states that the American Health System is the leading cause of death and injury in the USA. It uses similar figures, but the analysis of the horrific scale of iatrogenic (doctor-induced) disease. It asks whether American medicine is working, and calls for 'complete and total reform'.

Actually, the conventional medical system cannot be reformed, it cannot be safe - for two reasons. First, the whole premise on which conventional medicine drugs are based makes them unsafe - inherently unsafe. The second is that Big Pharma companies seem to show little or no interest in admitting that it is causing such dreadful carnage, leave alone reforming itself.

The details of the carnage are even more revealing. When you examine the details of how people are killed by the medical system, the full enormity of the problem, and the enormous financial costs it generates, strikes home.


If there was ever evidence needed for a 'safe medicine' blog, these three web pages provides it. The solution is not reform, even if it is 'complete and total'. It is abandonment, an admission that conventional medicine, based on Big Pharma drugs is not sustainable. We need homeopathy, and other CAM medical therapies to come to the rescue.