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Wednesday 23 February 2011

Drugs can kill you; but patients have no redress in law

Conventional Medical drugs can kill you, and cause serious disease; and now drug companies don't have to face litigation in the courts. The USA Supreme Court has now protected the drug companies who make vaccine from being sued by parents whose children have suffered from them.,0,2497178.story

This is a disgraceful decision, which brings the US law in line with UK law. Drug companies are now free to peddle disease and death without fear of prosecution. Parents, and patients generally, now have no protection, other than avoiding ConMed drugs and vaccines entirely. And this, in any case, is the safest course of action.

If Corporations kill and cause disease, by selling dangerous products that harm children, they should be held legally accountable. Most companies who cause damage are. But not, apparently, the drug companies. They are immune from prosecution. Patients have little or no redress. To the extent that heavy fines for causing harm was a constraint, as it hit drug companies in their pockets when damages were awarded against them, there is now no such constraint. As Natural News says:

          The liability, it turns out, has been shifted to the federal government which operates its "let's-make-a-mockery-of-justice" vaccine court. This puts the federal government in the position of denying any validity to legitimate claims that vaccines harm children, because to admit such a thing would cause a tidal wave of claims to come flooding into the vaccine court, resulting in potentially trillions of dollars in payouts to all the parents whose children have been harmed by vaccines.

The article goes on to describe vaccines as 'medical violence against children'. This is not an exaggeration. Perhaps in the end the drug companies are digging themselves into a hole. People will begin to realise not only that ConMed drugs are dangerous, even lethal; but that as there is now no legal redress, as drug companies are completely protected from their own actions, their drugs and vaccines are best avoided altogether.

And this is the message of this blog. There are safer, and more effective medical therapies, and people who dislike this ruling should renew and redouble their search for them.