Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Britain faces dementia catastrophe...

This Telegraph headline warns about this catastrophe, but then asks for more conventional medical intervention. This recognises neither the major cause, or a potential solution to this problem. The article begins:

          "More people fear being diagnosed with the debilitating brain condition above anything else than fear cancer or death itself, research shows.
          "A million people in Britain will suffer some form of dementia within two decades, and one in three pensioners will die with it, figures suggest.

Readers of this blog will know that there are many chronic diseases, many of them rarely known at one time, that are reaching epidemic proportions. Moreover, you will have read that the rise of these epidemic levels of disease usually mirror the growth of conventional drug consumption.

And you only need to look at the disease-inducing effects (DIEs) of pharmaceutivcal drugs, usually dismissed as 'side-effects', to see that a very large number of pharmaceutical drugs are known to cause confusion, and similar problems.

What is needed, to prevent this epidemic of dementia getting worse, is to recognise the association between dementia and pharmaceutical drugs, for doctors and GPs to stop prescribing them, and for patients to stop taking them!

We must remember - conventional medical refuses to recognise that what they call, euphemistically, 'side-effects' are, in fact, fully fledged chromic diseases!

We certainly don't want the drugs companies to cash in on yet another disease they have largely caused themselves!