Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Homeopathy in Northern Ireland. They don't want you to know how good homeopathy is!

There was a health project undertaken in Northern Ireland during 2007 and 2008 that allowed GPs to refer patients for a range of CAM treatments, including homeopathy. It was an unmitigated success!

* there was a reduction in expenditure on drugs
62% reported suffering less pain, and 55% reported taking less painkillers. Patients using medication reduced from 75% to 61% after treatment.
* there was an alleviation of GP and hospital workload
50% of GPs said the scheme had reduced their workload, and used secondary care services less; and 17% reported a financial saving for their practice.
* there were savings accruing from reduced sickness absence

Those patients receiving homeopathic treatment reported an average 54% improvement in their health and wellbeing - more than any other CAM therapy used in the project. Referring GPs confirmed these figures.

The project demonstrated that patients liked it, that doctors liked it, and with a significant reduction in expenditure, the Department of Health should have liked it too. Indeed, so positive were the outcomes, the project could have been extended in both time, and in coverage.

The fact that it was not demonstrates the controlling power of the Big Pharma companies, and the monopolistic arrangements within the conventional medical establishment that dominates the NHS

Indeed, the whole episode demonstrates that health provision is dominated by corporate profit rather patient health. And this is why it is so difficult for people to get access to homeopathy on the NHS.

For the full report on this highly successful project, now gathering dust on remote shelves in the Department of Health, go to this webpage