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Friday, 16 April 2010

Andrew Wakefield and Safe Medicine

Andrew Wakefield is a ConMed practitioner who dared to suggest a possible link between the MMR vaccine, inflammatory bowel disease and autism. He has paid a heavy price for his audacity. ConMed, and in particular, pharmaceutical drugs and profits, are NOT to be put at risk. So he has been pilloried and victimised by the conventional medical establishment, eventually losing his job, being prosecuted by the General Medical Council, and losing his medical licence in the UK.

Wakefield is not a homeopath, and does not advocate homeopathy. But like this blog, he does advocate safe medicine. And as he is firmly embedded into the 'scientific' medical community, he wants drugs and vaccinations to be properly tested. So now, after he has suffered the full force of ConMed's wrath, he can begin to speak openly about what he has done.

He is interviewed here by Dr Mercola. It is a lengthy and detailed interview, well worth watching for anyone who wants to understand what this affair was all about, and the darker, clandestine side of the medical establishment from an 'insider'.

The interview is interesting for another reason. Here are two conventional doctors who are calling for 'safer medicine'. In doing so, they follow in the footsteps of Samuel Hahnnemann, a conventional doctor in the 1780's, who realised that the medicine he was using at the time was doing more harm than good to patients. He spent the rest of his life developing homeopathy. Perhaps these two doctors, and many more like them, who can see the profit driven motivation of Big Pharma, will do likewise.