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Thursday 5 May 2022

Covid-19 Vaccines. Increased Illness and Death since their introduction. Misinformation? Cause for concern? Or a matter for the attention of conventional medical authorities?

The increase in illness and death since the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out has been widely publicised in the non-mainstream media in recent months.

Is it true?

The mainstream media, alongside governments and the conventional medical establishment either do not mention this, or dismiss such reports as "fake news" or "misinformation".

Yet is it misinformation? And is calling such reports 'misinformation' a sufficient response?

At the centre of this 'disinformation' campaign has been the Daily Expose, and here are just four links to some of their recent claims.

Covid-19 Vaccines increase risk of miscarriage by 1518%

Covid-19 Vaccines: study shows they have increased risk of stroke by 11361% 

Death rates are higher after mass vaccinations

Covid-19 increase risk of death by 4800%

Each article refers to data that has been taken from government and official medical sources, and the statistical analysis of this data has been undertaken by Daily Expose staff. It is not alone. There are many other such reports, coming from the Children's Health Defense, the White Rose, the Daily Sceptic, the Vaccine Reaction, and many others.

So is this all about statistics? - "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics"?

I am not a statistician, and in all honesty statistics usually leave me cold. So what am I, indeed all of us, to believe? Several thoughts pass through my mind when I see these, and similar articles. 

  • It could be disinformation, like governments, medical authorities, and the mainstream media tell us.
  • It could be the application of an inaccurate or misguided statistical analysis. 
  • Or it could be the truth. 

Yet to determine whether such reports are factor fiction, we would all need to have an advanced degree in statistics in order to examine the methodology that is being used! The only other alternative is to decide, like most other people do, that it would be simpler to dismiss these alarming reports as 'misinformation', to meekly accept what we are being told - and get on with it.

I don't believe we should do this. Instead, I recommend using certain other criteria to ascertain the truth.

First, we should "follow the money". Who gains from, what are the vested interests behind, both sides of this argument? 

  • The 'misinformation' response is clearly in the interests of the conventional medical establishment, not least the drug companies, and those those who have been promoting, and benefiting from the promotion the mass vaccination campaigns. 
  • It is more difficult to see how the Daily Expose benefits, financially or in any other way, from publishing this information. They are small, independent news organisation with a relatively small readerships. They are not large companies that generates large sums of money and income from such reports, their findings are not profitable.

So let's examine the 'disinformation' response in more detail. Why is it disinformation? Why should it be summarily dismissed? 

And it is when I ask these questions that I become sceptical of the 'misinformation responses  of the conventional medical establishment - it is not an argument - it is not backed up by an explanation - or by any discernable counter argument. Just dismissing something as 'disinformation' seems to be nothing more than an uncorroborated statement of denial.

When faced with evidence/allegations that the Covid-19 vaccines have caused serious harm to people there appears to be little (actually no) explanation or argument coming from either the pharmaceutical industry, the government, conventional medicine, or the mainstream media, about why the evidence is 'misinformation'. 

  • Is the data being used incorrect or inaccurate?
  • And if so, why?
  • Is the statistical analysis being use to reach these conclusions flawed? 
  • And if so, why?
  • Or do we just have to believe that it is "misinformation" because we are told it is misinformation!

When something like a vaccine, or any other pharmaceutical drug, is subject to criticism or attack an appropriate response would be to counter this with information and evidence. Instead, we are greeted with a deafening silence; and if not silence, with a single-word dismissal.