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Wednesday 24 April 2019

STATINS. They may not work, they may cause serious harm, but still the battle to control our minds continues

Statin drugs have become ubiquitous, one of the most prescribed and profitable pharmaceutical drugs used in conventional medicine. I have written about them many times before, usually about their safety, and the growing number of dreadful side effects they are know to cause to patients who take them.

Now there is evidence that they do not work!

MIMS, the website for conventional health practitioners, has recently published (April 2019) evidence of a large British study that showed that "Half of Patients on Statins do not reach cholesterol goals".

Perhaps it is one thing to take pharmaceutical drugs now known to cause liver and kidney failure, diabetes, muscle weakness, cataracts, dementia and even death because there are positive benefits. But when there are NO benefits to at least 50% of patients taking them?

Yet doctors continue to struggle to get more of us to take these drugs. Dr Joseph Mercole wrote an article, in the very same month (April 2019), about 'cholesterol managers' (doctors?) who wanted to double statin prescriptions". This is, of course, what doctors have been trying to do for 20 years, and more. We have been told, routinely, that Statins are 'entirely safe', that they reduce cholesterol, which in turn reduces heart disease and stroke, and therefore save lives - and that we should all be taking them!

I am not going to repeat here the damage to our health that Statin drugs have been causing, and continue to cause to our health, but I refer you to some of my previous blogs

So doctors are continue to ask us to risk all this damage to our health - for a drug that does not work!

And to then continue believing in the veracity of a medical system that tells us a drug is entirely safe when it isn't, that tells us a drug is effective when it isn't, and even then to want more of us to start taking an ineffective and safe drug? It is beyond all credibility!