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Monday 22 October 2018

NHS in Crisis (2018-2019)

It's only October but a new winter NHS crisis is on its way. Actually this annual crisis should not be called a 'winter' crisis. It's becoming an Autumn, Winter, Spring crisis - and I suspect soon it will become a Summer crisis too!

Nor should we be talking of an 'NHS" crisis. It is really the crisis of conventional medicine, the medicine that has a virtual monopoly with the NHS, which is itself dominated by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. (For my previous posts on this subject, some dating back to 2011, go to the top right of this page and enter a search on 'NHS Crisis').

Notice of the crisis has been given by the NHS Providers organisers, widely reported in the national press this morning (22 October 2018). Its report, 'Steeling Ourselves for Winter 2018/19' says that there are “clear warning signs” that the situation is likely to be worse than last year (itself the worst on record), and describes pressures across all hospital activity, and primary care - staff vacancies, a tired and pressured workforce.

And this is despite £millions of additional money being pumped into the NHS, with £billions more promised over the next few years. All that this proves is that it is pointless pouring more and more money into a failing and crumbling health system. Yet this is what the warning is about - more money - the NHS does not have enough money:

  • GP's, and primary care generally, need more money
  • Ambulance services needs more money
  • A&E services need more money
  • Every hospital speciality needs more money
  • Mental Health services need more money
  • Children and Adult disability services need more money
  • Social care needs more money
Political parties are clambering over each other, trying to out-bidding each other, to provide more money for the NHS. But they have never been able to provide enough. Not even the Labour government of 1997 to 2010 could do that. They increased NHS spending by nearly 300% over this time - but this did not stop what the report describes as "the recurring cycle of winter crises".

Nor will more money, however much can be found. The problem is that conventional medicine does not make patients better. Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines makes them sicker, through the pernicious effect of side effects, adverse drug reactions. Pharmaceuticals cause disease - and the more money the NHS is given the more drugs patients are given - and the sicker they become.

So the NHS provides us with a vicious circle. This is why demand constantly outstrips the ability of the NHS to cope. It invests its money into a failing and moribund medical system. Unfortunately, politicians, governments and the mainstream media are unable, even unwilling to recognise this. And the conventional medical establishment has a vested interest in the system remaining as it is - so they are unlikely to tell us either.

So more money for the NHS, to avert another crisis?
  • Or should we go out and buy a car that cannot move (except, perhaps in reverse)?
  • Or a washing machine that is unable to wash our clothes?
  • Or a vacuum cleaner that does not pick up dirt from our carpets?
Anyone who is concerned about the prospect of another health crisis in the next few weeks does have an alternative, to do what many other people are doing - finding a medical system that works - a natural medicine that promotes a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy - that does not require the patient to take drugs that make them sick - that offers the prospect of curing illness and disease.

Look up a local homeopathy, or herbalist, or naturopath, or osteopath. Visit your local natural health centre to see what they have to offer. It will invariably offer something better than is available in our monopolistic National Health Service!