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Wednesday, 29 August 2018

If you hear anything negative about Vaccines it is Russian propaganda! And if you believe it you might get measles!

All anti-vaxxers are Russian propagandists now!
We must learn! 
We are NOT to say anything bad about Big Pharma's profitable vaccines!

Conventional medicine has been trying to stop criticism of vaccines since the start of the new millennium, but with only mixed success. They have been successful with the mainstream media, who depend heavily on drug advertising for their survival. They have been successful with politicians and governments who are anxious to secure pharmaceutical jobs and investment. From Andrew Wakefield onwards, they have developed strategies to stifle conventional doctors from expressing their concerns about patient damage.

They have been less successful in preventing negative evidence being presented on social media, and on health websites, like this, which are independent of pharmaceutical control. And as the evidence grows about vaccine damage, and the increasing patient 'resistance' that is being built up against vaccination, the conventional medical establishment has initiated a new strategy for undermining all anti-vaxxers, whose only vested interests is to try to get an important message over to the public.


So first, read accounts from sources independent of the conventional medical mafia. These two links equate the link between anti-vaxxers and vaccinations with USA presidential election in 2015.

Russia Accused Of ‘Weaponized’ Anti-Vaccine Disinformation Attacks

               "The Russians seem to be an easy source of blame whenever the powers that be have no other explanation for people defying the system. The “Russia is making anti-vaccine happen” narrative is truly no different from the election blame-game in its dynamic."

Pro-vaccine media goes full conspiracy theory; claims “the Russians” are running anti-vaccine campaigns to try to kill off America with measles

               “Russian accounts may use vaccine arguments to ‘destabilize’ the US and Europe,” screams the UK Daily Mail, without any sense of skepticism or intelligent questioning whatsoever. These mysterious Russians — presumably the same Russians that “stole the election for Donald Trump” - are trying to get people to stop taking vaccine shots so that measles takes over and decimates America, we’re told."

Well we might expect this sort of hysteria and junk journalism to emanate from the Daily Mail. But  papers who usually take a more measured stance, like the Guardian, also gives the story credence.

Russian trolls 'spreading discord' over vaccine safety online

They give full voice to the study, published in the American Journal of Public Health, without any attempt at balance. They relate the timing of the campaign to a time when

               "Europe faces one of the largest measles outbreaks in decades, one which has been partly attributed to falling vaccination rates. In the first six months of 2018, there were 41,000 cases of measles across the continent, more than in the entirety of 2017. Meanwhile, the rate of children not receiving vaccines for non-medical reasons is climbing in the US."

So everyone needs to be scared by a disease that has apparently killed just 38 people in Europe during these 'measles outbreaks'. This is too many of course but a mere handful compared to the numbers known to die directly from pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

Okay, so I am an anti-vaxxer! I admit it. But please, please, anti-vaxxers like me do NOT get their evidence from Russia. We do not NEED to get our evidence from Russia.

We can get any amount of information about the damage caused by vaccines from conventional medicine itself!

Blaming Russia for the evidence of vaccine damage is a ploy by the conventional medical establishment to stifle debate and discussion OF THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES OWN EVIDENCE.

  • The evidence against vaccines in contained in the package inserts of the vaccines themselves, the PILs, or patient information leaflets.
  • The evidence against vaccines is contained in the 'bible's' used by all conventional doctors, MIMS, and the British National Formulary.
Conventional medicine is fully aware of the damage caused to patients by vaccines. They just don't want 'US' to be aware of it. And if the evidence won't go away, as it won't, why not blame the Russians!

What I firmly recommend before you decide to get vaccinated yourself, or allow your child to be be vaccines, is to ask your doctor to give you the patient information leaflet that is contained in the box that the vaccine comes in. And make up your own mind