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Thursday 14 December 2017

Medicine and Informed Consent. Patients take drugs and vaccines because they are kept ignorant of the harm they do to our health

How many people will see their doctor today? How many will start taking drugs and vaccines as a result? Throughout the world the numbers run into many millions. And those many millions will do so because they are ignorant of their dangers. They do not realise that they are putting their health on line in a dangerous game of Russian Roulette.

Why do they not realise? They are not told. Surely, their doctors would not give them something that is harmful to their health? Surely medical science, and drug regulation would ensure that harmful drugs are banned. Surely national health services would not allow patients to be given dangerous drugs and vaccines. If pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines did cause patient harm, our newspapers would tell us about it.

This blog (and my 'Failure of Conventional Medicine' e-book) has featured many examples of this over the last 8 years. But let's look at two current pieces of press censorship, things we should be told about, news about pharmaceutical drugs that patients need to know - but we have just not been told.

The Flu Vaccine
Everyone living in the northern hemisphere are being urged to have the flu vaccination. Yet the flu season has already happened in the southern hemisphere, and a study has concluded the vaccine being used has very low effectiveness. As has happened regularly over the last few years the virus being used does not match the virus which is causing flu this year! The estimate is that it is only about 10% effective. What that means is that the flu vaccine is of limited value, it offers minimal protection.

And, of course, the vaccination still have all the serious side effects that have been so often outlined on this blog. (Do a search, "flu vaccine", on the upper left hand side of this page).

But this information has not been made available to us in the mainstream media. And the conventional medical establishment, who must know about the vaccines ineffectiveness, as well as its dangers, continue to urge that we get vaccinated!

The Dengue Fever Vaccine
The conventional medical establishment insists that all their vaccines are entirely safe. The second situation has arisen in the Philippines and the dengue fever vaccine. This vaccine has been heavily promoted by the drug giant, Sanofi. But the government have recently stopped the national vaccination campaign, although only after thousands of children had been vaccinated - and suffered harm as a direct result.

What is the evidence of harm? Sanofi itself raised the warning, that the vaccine can cause more serious infections in those who had no previous exposure to the virus. Now, the Philippino government  has begun an investigation, with possible legal action to follow. The dangers of this vaccine has been known for some time - but of cause these warning were never publicised!

These are just two current situations concerning the dangers and ineffectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. They happen all the time but the conventional medical establishment pay little or no heed to any of them, continuing to insist that all vaccines are safe and effective. And our compliant media, supported as they are by pharmaceutical advertising, refuse to inform us. Their viability is at stake!

So what happens is that people will be going to see their doctor today, and they will accept the drugs or the vaccines that are offered because they have not heard about the ineffectiveness of the flu vaccine, or the dangers of the dengue fever vaccine. Nor will they have heard that the medical science that proved there was no connection between the MMR vaccine and Autism was fraudulent (see the following blogs).

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Anyone reading this information, undeniable as it is, unreported as it has been for the last 3 years, has to be amazed, or upset, or angry. The only possible conclusion is that patients cannot exercise an 'informed choice' about medical treatment because they are just not informed. Why are we not being informed.

The reason is simple. If patients did know about the serious side effects that harm patients, cause illness and disease, they would choose not to accept it. Conventional medicine, based as it is on dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, just would not exist. The future of the mighty pharmaceutical industry depends on our ignorance. And they are fully aware of this!