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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Vaxxed. How we can all help to expose dangers of vaccines

I have recently received the message, copied below, about the 'Vaxxed' team, and how they are planning to build on the good work of their film. It is self explanatory, and if anyone has a story to tell them, please get in touch with them by send an email to 

          "As you will possibly have heard by now, Vaxxed VIPs are planning to visit the UK and Ireland this spring. The plan is to travel around each country, recording people's vaccine injury stories on Periscope. We would love to get as many stories as possible.

          "Please let us know if you're willing to share your story, either about yourself or your child. This isn't just about MMR, this is about all vaccine-caused tragedies. Please include your location, whether and how far you can travel, and a brief outline of your story (all information will be kept strictly confidential within the Vaxxed teams) Please note: if you do not wish to be identified in the Periscope video, please be sure to say so in your email.

          "The UK/Ireland Vaxxed Periscope Tour will be planned around the stories within the time frame available. Those families whose stories and locations can be fitted into the route will be contacted individually with a time and place for their interview. The route itself is not going to be publicised, as there have been several threats made towards the team. We all need to be mindful of this to ensure the Tour is a safe, successful and fruitful trip for all involved.

It is important that we get over the message of vaccine damage. Even whilst I am writing this blog, and even as you are reading it, babies, children, older people, and others, are receiving vaccinations that are potentially life threatening, yet are totally unaware of the damage they might suffer as a result.

There is almost total silence from the media, from government and the NHS, and from our doctors about the dangers. And as you can see from the statement above, the Vaxxed team have received serious threats as a result of their work. It is the medical establishment seeking to defend an indefensible record - and by any means available to them.

The 'Vaxxed' movement is powerful, and could well be what has been required for many years - a vehicle to get over to ordinary people the devastating consequences of vaccination. So please, if you have a story, send an email to .