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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Dental Amalgam? Mercury poisons in our mouths? Saying 'No' to the dentist?

How is it that dentists feel okay about putting mercury in our mouths, and how can they tell us that it is safe?

Well, of course, that is what happens in all conventional medicine, including dentistry. It's okay to inject mercury in the bloodstreams of our children, it does not cause autism, it does not cause seizures, it is perfectly alright. And anyone who says otherwise is not able to view those opinion in our mainstream media.

Patients, accept that doctors and dentists know best, belief what they tell you, open you mouth and let them fill in with dental amalgam, which contain mercury. They also contain silver, tin and copper. But 50% is mercury! This is how Wikipedia describes it.

               "Dental amalgam is a liquid mercury and metal alloy mixture used to fill cavities caused by tooth decay. Low-copper amalgam commonly consists of mercury (50%), silver (~22–32% ), tin (~14%), copper (~8%) and other trace metals. Dental amalgams were first documented in a Tang Dynasty medical text written by Su Kung in 659, and appeared in Germany in 1528. In the 1800s, amalgam became the dental restorative material of choice due to its low cost, ease of application, strength, and durability.

Like much of the mainstream media, Wikipedia will allow nothing unfavourable to be written about conventional medical (and dental) practice (or anything good, or even neutral about homeopathy). But in another article, on Mercury poisoning, they do suggest that mercury is poisonous.

               "Toxic effects include damage to the brain, kidneys and lungs. Mercury poisoning can result in several diseases, including acrodynia (pink disease), Hunter-Russell syndrome, and Minamata disease. Symptoms typically include sensory impairment (vision, hearing, speech), disturbed sensation and a lack of coordination. The type and degree of symptoms exhibited depend upon the individual toxin, the dose, and the method and duration of exposure.

So of course, this is what doctors inject into our babies and young children (in the form of Thimerasol), and dentists put into all our mouths (in the form of Amalgam). If we let them, of course. However, if you are Danish or Swedish it is not allowed. Amalgam is banned in these two countries. I suppose either they can't cope with the poison, obviously something rather weak about them, or they are too bright too sensible to allow it to happen. Elsewhere, dental associations defend dental amalgam. It is perfectly safe. There is no problem with putting one of the most poisonous substances known to mankind in our mouths, when the metals can leach out, close to our brain, and into our stomachs, and onwards to all our other bodily system.

Sensory impairment, disturbed sensation, a lack of coordination - no problem. It's not a problem, except if you are Norwegian or Swedish. The USA drug regulator, the FDA, did think about banning it, but it didn't happen. To admit that putting poisonous mercury in our mouth would be admitting that they had allowed dentists to do it for years, and that people have suffered as a result. This is why drug regulators don't like banning dangerous and harming pharmaceutical drugs. They approved them in the first place, and who likes admitting they made a mistake that has harmed and killed people? Besides which most people working in drug regulatory agencies have either been Big Pharma employees, or would like to be in future.

So the FDA tell us, instead, that mercury in dental fillings is 'elemental' mercury that releases mercury vapour which is 'mainly absorbed by the lungs.' And that this mercury vapour really isn't as toxic as methyl mercury, the type that's found in some fish, which is absorbed in the digestive tract.

So we continue to trust our dentists as much as we trust our doctors. They would not do anything to us that might harm us, would then? I did this in the 1970's and 1980's, a new filling every time I went for a check up. The tooth was excavated, and the drilled hole filled with mercury. Then I discovered that dentists were paid for the work they did. I never had trouble with my teeth until after those years of accepting amalgam fillings by dentists who did not tell me they were filling my mouth with poison, and getting paid for doing so!

Studies have been done that found people with amalgam fillings excrete 10 times the amount of mercury through their bowels than those without any dental amalgam. And it is also known that whilst passing through the bowel some of the mercury changes into methyl mercury (the type that is found in fish, which is absurd in the digestive track, and not like that nice, less toxic mercury vapour given off by dental mercury.

So it's not just your doctor you need to say "No" too, no more pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines; its your dentist too - no more mercury in my mouth, thanks very much!