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Friday 27 May 2016

The Failure of Antibiotic Drugs

The failure of antibiotic drugs becomes increasingly more apparent. Yet the reason for the failure remains obscure to most people.
  • The conventional medical establishment knows there is a problem, but it is not interested in any explanation that suggests their whole system of medicine is collapsing, failing. 
  • The NHS is predicting an apocalypse, but it is not interested in asking questions about the medicine it has allowed to monopolise medical services in Britain.
  • The mainstream media is content to go along with this non-analysis. They ask no questions, there is no pretence of any kind of investigative journalism into the situation.
What we are being told that all the great advances of conventional medicine are being threatened, as they have never been before. But no-one, it seems, is curious enough to ask about what is happening, and why it is happening.

If we were to do so we would understand that what we are witnessing is the failure of a system of medicine we have all been led to believe has worked so effectively and well for the last 100 years.

Antibiotic drugs have, after all, been central to the alleged 'success' of conventional medicine. For decades they have killed the bacteria associated with infections, they have combated serious diseases that conventional doctors could not treat before their discovery, and they have made possible a whole series of life-saving surgical operations to deal with diseases at an advanced state. Without effective antibiotic drugs all this 'success' is at risk.

Now, only one antibiotic drug remains free of the resistance that is making all other antibiotics ineffective. The drug is called Colistin. And there are early signs that bacteria is now emerging that has become resistant, even to this last remaining antibiotic.

The reason for the failure of conventional medicine is contained within this single fact. The history of this single drug demonstrates, in minature, why the conventional medical system, as a whole, is failing.

Colistin is not a new drug. It was initially derived from a flask of fermenting bacteria by a Japanese researcher in 1949. It was first introduced as a drug in 1952, became generally available for clinical use in the early 1960s, and was thereafter extensively used for treating a variety of infections. However, it was gradually replaced in the late 1970s by other antibiotics because of its toxicity.

The toxicity of Colistin is something that the conventional medical establishment would rather we did not dwell upon - so let's do just that! This antibiotic drug was found to be nephrotoxic (it caused damage to the kidneys) and neurotoxic (it caused damage to the nervous system). Bronchospasm was also known to be caused by Colistin. Actually, these side effects are just the tip of a very large iceberg! To read about the full side effects of Colistin, which are extensive, go to the Drug.Co webpage.

Now, doctors have been telling us for decades that antibiotics are safe drugs. So it may come as a surprise to many reading this that antibiotic drugs should be described as 'toxic', and be withdrawn because of serious side effects. However, many antibiotics have suffered a similar fate. Antibiotic drugs have a history of causing damage to patients, many have had to been withdrawn, even though our doctors continue to tell us that antibiotic drugs are entirely safe!

They want us to believe that the problem with antibiotics is resistance, not serious side effects!

Yet the harm caused to patients by antibiotic drugs are many, varied and extremely serious. I have outlined these side effect on this website, currently under development. They are implicated in many diseases, most of them caused by the harm they do to our gut flora, diseases such as chronic diarrhoea, obesity, diabetes, irritable bowel disease, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Note that these are all diseases that have risen rapidly throughout the years of antibiotic use, and over-use'.  

Yet antibiotic drugs have also been implicated in other diseases too, such as liver damage, asthma, eczema, heart disease and mental disorders.

So to be clear, in order to treat bacterial infections, the conventional medical system has prescribed, and continues to prescribe, drugs that cause serious medical conditions. They call them side effects! They are really fully-fledged diseases. Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have made us sicker than ever before, with illnesses we have never experienced before, and certainly never experienced at such levels.

Yet conventional medicine not only refuse to tell us about the full enormity of the harm caused by their drugs, they are also prepared to reintroduce drugs they once thought to be too dangerous to give to patients! Collision was 'retired' when it was decided the side effects were too severe. Now, when they don't seem to have anything else left to give us, they return to a drug they know is harmful to our health. It still works, killing bacterial infections, and as it is the only one they now have, they give it to us - regardless of longer term consequences to our health.

Conventional medicine does not appear to care whether the drug might harm us!

Yet we need to go deeper into the failure of antibiotics. Just why has antibiotic resistance become such a problem?

Whatever illness conventional medicine tries to deal with, they view it as a fight, a battle, a state of warfare that needs to take place within the sick body. Antibiotic drugs are the very pinnacle of this war. Doctors see infection, and they seek to kill the bacteria that appears to be causing the infection. In fact, all 'anti-' drugs seek to kill something in our body, just as 'inhibitor' and 'blocker' drugs try to stop something happening in our body.

Unlike traditional medical therapies, such as homeopathy, conventional medicine has always failed to recognise that our body reacts to, and seeks to ward off illness and disease. Once upon a time they drained our very life-blood! Now they attack our bodies with drugs and vaccines. The conventional doctor knows best! They know better than our own bodies what to allow, what not to allow, and what to kill!

So what happens when this is done? The body fights back. Or, in the case of antibiotics, the bacteria fight back. If the drug fails to kill all the bacteria, they learn to resist, they become immune to the drugs. And in this particular war, the conventional doctor is losing, he is about to be defeated by his adversary. The bacteria is winning! Conventional medicine has failed!

So what does this mean for the patient? Our gut flora have for decades become a war-zone. It has been unbalanced by over 70 years of antibiotic warfare. The bacteria in our gut has been compromised to the extent that it has become unable to keep us healthy. The bacteria, the so-called superbugs, created by the very antibiotics that were supposed to destroy them, can now run amuck. To the victor, the spoils. MRSA and C-diff now rules! And there is nothing, now, the conventional medical system can do about it.

So what can patients do? The first thing is to recognise the failure of the conventional medical system, that the drug and vaccine warfare they have embarked upon ultimately leaves us defenceless as it attacks the only thing that can make us better - our bodies.

Second, they need to look to medical therapies that see the body as healer, not as protagonist. Therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, herbalism, reflexology, osteopathy, indeed most therapies apart from conventional medicine, all seek to work with, and alongside the body. They utilise and support the healing mechanisms that exist within our body.

And when we examine their value in treating infectious disease, therapies such as homeopathy has always been found to be more effective. And for those concerned about the demise of antibiotics, this is where you should be looking now.