Thursday, 19 November 2015

Who killed Jonah Lomu?

I have no answer to this question, but I reserve my right to ask it. Indeed, anyone who suffers from an illness or disease should ask the question - why do I have this condition?

Jonah Lomu was a fantastic rugby union play. He was young. He was super-fit. He was strong.

Yet we are told that in 1996, aged 19, he was diagnosed by a rare kidney disease. After a short but stunningly successful career he had to have a kidney transplant. Even after this he was fit enough to return to the game, he played again, briefly, at the top level. Then he died, aged just 40, totally unexpectedly, from a heart attack.

This alone justifies the question. What was this 'rare kidney disease'.

I have looked at the internet and there appears to be two suggestions. One is Nephrotic Syndrome, which apparently affects mainly children and young people. The other is Sjogren's disease. How did he contract one of either of these? What causes these diseases? NHS Choices does not appear to know, and this is what the website says about the causation.

Nephrotic Syndrome. "Most children with nephrotic syndrome have what doctors call "minimal change disease". This means their kidneys will appear normal or nearly normal if a tissue sample was studied under a microscope. The cause of minimal change disease is unknown.

Sjogren's disease. "It's not known exactly what causes Sjögren's syndrome, but it's thought to be linked to a problem with the immune system."

And as far as conventional medicine is concerned, the question of Jonah Lomu's death, and the cause of either disease in anyone else, will end. It is not a question that is asked, and certainly not a question asked by our compliant mainstream media.

Yet the question should be asked, not just with kidney disease, but every other illness or disease.

In my new ebook, "The disease inducing effects of drugs and vaccines", I am trying to answer the question, and with most illnesses and diseases, the so-called 'side effects' of pharmaceutical drugs have been investigated to find out whether there is a link. The book is still in the process of being written, but what has been written is available to see.

I have not investigated either of these kidney diseases. But what becomes clear, the more I study the admitted side effects of a variety of drugs, damage to the kidneys is common. I have absolutely no idea whether Jonah Alomu took any of them.

But I am certain that anyone who is given a pharmaceutical drug should be aware of the possible damage they can cause to our health.

Illness and disease is undeniably caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

And the damage pharmaceutical drugs can cause does not affect the sick and the ageing only, but anyone, including otherwise fit and strong young people.

What is also certain is that the conventional medical establishment will never tell us this voluntarily, and certainly it will not admit any such connection until it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt!