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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Our Health Freedom is being denied by our 'Free' Press

Most of us believe that the right to free speech is one of our most fundamental freedoms. When there are attempts to limit our freedom to say what we believe we become rightly indignant. Freedom of speech was hard won, and we are keen to fight for it.

The European Conventional on Human Rights has sought to protect our right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion since 1953.

Our 'free press' was certainly hard won, one of the triumphs of the struggle for democracy and personal liberty. We wanted our journalist to be free to investigate, to question, to bring to task those who ruled us. We refused to accept that our governments should restrict our right to know the facts, both sides of every story. So thousands of people suffered and died to ensure that the press was free of government control.

Yet it is no longer the government, but the big, powerful industrial and commercial corporations that now control the news media, and restricts its freedom to report. And the biggest of these conglomerates is the Pharmaceutical drugs industry.

The result is that today, there is one area of our freedom that is under severe threat. Health Freedom, the right to decide what we do, and what is done with our bodies, the right to information about medical therapies, and in particular, the right to know about the dangers and effectiveness of conventional medical drugs and vaccines.

Our mainstream media is doing all it can to ensure that its readers, listeners and viewers are not given  full information about matters concerning health and medicine.
  • It will publish very little information that is even vaguely critical about conventional medical practice, even if the information points to patients being seriously harmed. 
  • It will, however, readily publish any, and all information fed to them by the conventional medical establishment, particularly by the Big Pharma companies, about potential 'medical breakthroughs', prospective medical advances, and new 'miracles' drugs and vaccines.
  • It will not publish any evidence or information about pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines and treatments that have been found to be ineffective, or dangerous, or both. Although this evidence is being produced on a regular basis, it is rarely covered by the media. 
  • It refuses to publish information about alternative medical therapies, and if it does, coverage arises from the attacks on it made by people and organisations closely connected to the conventional medical establishment.
  • Any medical issue that is discussed, the call on 'experts' to give their opinion, and these experts  are invariably from the conventional medical establishment.
  • Even when alternative medical therapies, are discussed the 'experts' the experts consulted are invariably conventional medics whose opinion is invariably condemnatory of alternative medicine.
What happens, for instance, if a CDC scientist who undertook research in 2004 to ascertain whether there was a link between Autism and the MMR vaccine admitted that important evidence that supported such a link was intentionally omitted? Would that admission be a matter of public concern? Would we be entitled to be told this, especially when during the following 10 years the conventional medical establishment insisted, on the basis of that research, that there is no such link?

The magazine, 'What Doctors Don't Tell You' (WDDTY), in its editorial in March 2015, gave this evidence.

           "In all its literature to parents, the Department of Health does not publish one word of information about potential side effects, or lack of efficacy of any vaccine, even though this material is freely available in other countries".

          "In the US, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  the major government agency charged with studying vaccines, has consistently buried unfavourable data about the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and its link to autism by massaging the data".

          "When a CDC whistleblower scientist recently blew the story about the CDC burying these data - a scandal of Watergate proportions - not one major paper in the US or UK was willing to carry the story".

If you want to know more about this situation, go to WH Smiths and buy a copy of the WDDTY magazine. But no! You cannot do that! This 'champion of the small press' will not carry the magazine as a group supported and funded by Big Pharma companies, staged a campaign protesting about it.

The result is that people are not being properly informed about health matters. Our 'Free Press' is failing in its duties to its readers, listeners and viewers. It allows itself to be controlled by the conventional medical establishment.

As a result, patients cannot make an informed choice about what they should do to maintain their health, of what treatment to choose when they become ill. We are not given access to all the information - about conventional medicine, and about the alternatives to it.