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Wednesday 4 March 2015

To Vaccinate - Or Not to Vaccinate? A Simple Suggestion?

Many parents face the dilemma whether to vaccinate their children, especially when faced with the pressure that conventional doctors, and the mainstream media, place on us to do so.

One solution that is offered is to agree to vaccination, but on the condition that the doctor signs an undertaking, a Vaccine Consent form, written something like this....

Vaccine Consent Form
Child's Name…………..
I give my consent for my child to be vaccinated with the vaccine(s) subject to the following conditions:

1. That the information which has been supplied is fully accurate both as to the safety and the efficacy of the vaccines.

2. That the doctor or nurse performing the vaccine, the Health Authority, the manufacturer of the vaccines, and the Department of Health will accept full joint and several responsibility for any injury caused to my child as a result of the vaccine being administered.

3. That, in the event of any such injury being caused, my child will receive full compensation, assessed in accordance with the normal principles of English Tort Law.

If these conditions are not acceptable, the vaccination should not take place

Tempted? On the surface the idea of a consent form is an interesting idea. But unfortunately they are  fatally flawed as the conventional medical establishment has demonstrated that it is adept at avoiding all these provisions.

1. The conventional medical establishment is already obliged to give us full and accurate information on the safety and efficiency of vaccines, but it has never done so.
  • we are told that vaccines are safe when they are not, and any evidence supporting their dangers are dismissed, discounted, or not acted upon.
  • the benefits and effectiveness of the vaccines are always heavily hyped.
  • the dangers of the vaccine are discounted.
2. The conventional medical establishment is likely to deny that the vaccine caused any injury to you, or your child.
  • vaccine damage is regularly and routinely denied.
  • vaccine damage can always be blamed on something else.
  • in order for us to place responsibility then requires us to prove the link, against the massed forces of government, the NHS, Big Pharma, et al!
3. It has been regularly proven to be very difficult to get matters of vaccine, or indeed drug damage to the courts, particularly in Britain. In many cases, the Big Pharma companies have already negotiated with governments to win 'immunity from prosecution'.

And the conventional medical establishment is entirely used to holding on to this position regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

The only way to be safe from the harm, the 'disease-inducing-effects' of conventional drugs and vaccines is to say "No", firmly and decisively.

More and more people are doing this, which is one of the main reasons for moves, particularly in the USA and Australia, to make vaccination mandatory on everyone, and accordingly to infringe our health freedom. 

It is time for everyone to stand up to what is rapidly becoming the conventional medical mafia!