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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Mouth Ulcers, Canker Sores. Why Homeopathy is the best treatment.

Mouth ulcers, sometimes called canker sores, are painful, inflamed sores that form in the mouth, most often on the inside of the cheeks or lips. They can be most uncomfortable, making eating and drinking difficult, and they will often re-occur at regular intervals.

Conventional Medical Treatment for Mouth Ulcers
NHS Choices says that mouth ulcers do not require specific treatment, and that they will heal in 10-14 days. Although that is perfectly correct, it discounts the pain that these ulcers can cause for that length of time! The self-help tips they recommend are sensible, but will do little to stop the immediate pain.

Conventional medicine only intervenes when and if the ulcers are severe. The main treatments outlined are as follows:

These are used to reduce the inflammation, and are used inn the form of mouthwashes and sprays. Even so, NHS Choices warn that they should not be used for children under the age of 12.

Antimicrobial Mouthwash
This helps to kill bacteria, viruses or fungi that might be infect the ulcer.

NHS Choices says the if the mouth ulcers are very painful your GP may prescribe a painkiller that can be applied directly to the ulcer, either as a mouthwash, spray, lozenge or gel. However, these should not be used with children under the age of 12.

NHS Choices do not appear to have much confidence in these treatments, saying that there is limited evidence supporting their use, and that they “will not stop you developing new mouth ulcers in the future”.

Good reason, then, to seek an alternative, that can be used with children under the age of 10, that have been used successfully for over 200 years, and will prevent the recurrence of future mouth ulcers.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Mouth Ulcers
Note. Homeopathy does not treat illness or diseases. It treats an individual who has been diagnosed with a particular illness or disease. The distinction is important. Click here to read more about “Illness Diagnosis”. 

Homeopathy works by matching the symptoms of illness with the known symptoms of remedies. These short remedy descriptions may guide you to a remedy that can work for you, but consulting with a qualified homeopath will enhance the chances of a good match. When a close match is found the remedy will work successfully, without any side effects, or adverse reactions. These brief remedy descriptions have been taken from the Homeopathy Home website.

Arsenicum album
A person who breaks out in burning, painful mouth sores, and also feels anxious and tired, is likely to benefit from this remedy. Hot drinks often ease the pain, and the person feels best when keeping warm. People who need this remedy often have unhealthy, easily-bleeding gums, and tend to be extremely neat and tense.

This remedy is often helpful when canker sores feel hot and sensitive. Acidic foods—especially citrus fruits—may be irritating. Sores may break out on the inside of the cheeks, on the gums, and on the tongue. The person produces profuse saliva, yet still feels dry inside the mouth. People needing Borax are often very sensitive to noise and inclined toward motion sickness.

Calcarea carb
This remedy is often indicated when infants and small children have recurring canker sores. A child who needs this remedy may also have head-sweats during sleep, and be slow to teethe or learn to walk. Calcarea carbonica may help with canker sores in adults who are chilly, stout, and easily fatigued.

Hepar sulph
If a person develops painful mouth sores that become infected—with pus formation, extreme sensitivity, and aggravation from cold drinks—this remedy may be indicated. A person needing Hepar sulph often feels extremely chilly, vulnerable, and oversensitive.

Mercurius sol
Bleeding gums, a swollen coated tongue, and offensive breath are seen along with canker sores when this remedy is needed. The painful, burning sores feel worse at night, and salivation is profuse, with drooling during sleep. The person tends to sweat at night and is very sensitive to any change in temperature.

Natrum muriaticum
Pearly sores that erupt inside the mouth, especially on the gums or tongue, may respond to this remedy. The mouth feels dry, and the tongue may have a tingling feeling. People who need this remedy often are troubled by cold sores around the corners of the mouth or chin, and have chapped or cracking lips. A craving for salt, strong thirst, and a tendency to feel worse from being in the sun are other indications for Natrum muriaticum.

Nux vomica
A person who needs this remedy may break out in canker sores after overindulging in sweets, strong spicy foods, stimulants, or alcoholic beverages. The sores are often small, and the person may have swollen gums, a coated tongue, and bloody salivation. Irritability, impatience, and a general chilliness are often seen when this remedy is needed.

This remedy may be helpful for sores that are painful, red and inflamed, with burning pain that is worse from warm drinks and aggravated by heat of any kind. The mouth may have a bitter taste, and the gums can be swollen and throbbing. A person who needs this remedy often has reddish lips and mucous membranes, and a tendency toward itching and skin irritations.

Randomised Controlled Tests (RCTs)

To my knowledge there have been no RCT’s conducted on the homeopathic treatment of mouth ulcers.

The information on this webpage represents the views and opinion of the author, based on his clinical experience, and the traditions of Homeopathy. This material is provided for information only, and should not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Always consult with a suitably qualified and registered Homeopath, or with a medical doctor for advice about the treatment they offer, especially in serious or life threatening medical conditions, or if you are already taking medical drugs.’