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Friday 16 May 2014

Our 'Free' Press is controlled by Big Pharma, and Big Corp.

This article was written for the Sunday Mail in April 2014. It was written at the specific request of a journalist who assured me that it would be published. As far as I can ascertain it has never been published. I did enquire of the journalist, who never responded to my email.

This is just another example of the British media refusing to criticise the conventional medical establishment, or to publish anything favourable to Homeopathy. 

It would appear just one more example of our 'Free' Press being under the financial influence and control of big corporate business, including Big Pharma.

Homeopathy, Lothian Health Board and Patient Choice

Every political party supports the concept of ‘Patient Choice’. Yet the decision by Lothian Health Board to cease funding for homeopathic medicines is another example of the NHS diminishing our choice - by closing down the limited options available to patients.

The demand for Homeopathy, and other alternative treatments, is growing. People are searching for safer, more effective medical therapies. And when patients find Homeopathy, the evidence is that they like it
  • The campaigns against the closures of Homeopathic hospitals. These campaigns have been ignored by Lothian, and other local NHS organisations, leading already to the closure of one Homeopathic Hospital. All the others are under threat.
  • A more comprehensive study in Switzerland in 2011 was equally clear - people want the option of choosing Homeopathy as their medical therapy. 
So how can the NHS oppose government policy on patients choice? The government says it is about ‘local decision making’. So patients can choose any medical therapy they want - as long as local NHS bureaucrats agree!

Let’s be clear. ‘Patient Choice’ means that any individual has the choice. It does not mean that personal choice should be determined by NHS bureaucrats! 

The NHS Establishment, nationally, locally, and in Lothian, is dominated by conventional medics who offer us only pharmaceutical drug treatment on a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ basis. The NHS has become a monopoly: and like all monopolists, they want to keep it that way.

Why do people want to choose their treatment? 

First, it is becoming clear that pharmaceutical drugs are failing. 

Even Antibiotics now face levels of resistance that will make them redundant - imminently. 

The conventional drug cabinet is getting bare!

Second, pharmaceutical drugs are dangerous. Even Statins, drugs once said to be “so safe we should all take them”, are now known to cause disease - liver damage, memory loss, and Asthma. Is it surprising that people want to avoid harm caused by drugs?

Third, people increasingly mistrust Big Pharma drug companies, who seem intent on selling their drugs regardless of the consequences to patients. They have been found to be bribing doctors, to over-hyped claims for drugs based on research they have paid for, and to withhold negative findings about their drugs. The drug companies have been heavily fined for such practices, and public trust in what they tell us is a diminishing asset.

So people look for safer, more effective medical treatments. 

And the NHS says “No, we know best”. 

So much for Patient Choice!