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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Narcolepsy and flu vaccine: drugs may harm us: but Big Pharma takes no responsibility

Narcolepsy is a serious medical condition that causes excessive drowsiness, falling asleep at inappropriate times, and serious disruption to sleep patterns, and lifestyle. At its worst in can become cataplexy, which effects muscle control, and often the total loss of muscle control.

It has hitherto been a rare condition; but it is due to increase as it comes to us as a result of accepting the flu vaccine.

Who says? The government, who in September 2013 admitted that evidence from the Health Protection Agency has confirmed that the Swine Flu vaccine, Pandemrix, can cause the disease. NHS Choices have not come to terms with this yet as when it outlines the causes of Narcolepsy it fails to mention the flu vaccine! And, of course, our Big Pharma compliant media has not bothered to draw attention to the fact either!

This is yet another example of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines causing disease: not illness, not adverse reactions, not side-effects: but actual, long-term disease. What I have called the DIEs, or the Disease Inducing Effects of conventional medicine. So, having given us the disease, what is the NHS going to do about the condition? Not very much, it would seem.

          "There is no specific cure for narcolepsy, but you can manage your symptoms to minimise the impact the condition has on your daily life". NHS Choices.

This is yet another example of the conventional medical establishment 'successfully' causing a disease - but can then do nothing about it!

Now, again unreported by the media, 38 people in Britain have begun a class legal claim against GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the manufacturer of Pandemrix. If successful, the lawyers representing the group believe each of the claimant, if successful, could receive about £1 million in compensation.

Good for patients? Bad for GSK?

Well, no, not really. If GSK lose the case it is the government, through the NHS, that will have to pay up. This is the result of an 'indemnity agreement' between GSK and the Department of Health which means, in effect, that any compensation claims resulting from the vaccine, or any legal costs arising from the court case, must be paid by the government.

So what does this mean for patients, for the taxpayer, and for the conventional medical establishment?

For those patients who now suffer from Narcolepsy in means:
  • they were persuaded to accept a vaccine because of a health scare, generated by the conventional medical establishment, that never happened;
  • that whereas they were perfectly healthy prior to the vaccine, they are now suffering, probably for the rest of their lives, with a life-changing and debilitating disease;
  • that the NHS has no treatment that can help them.
For the taxpayer, it means that:
  • we have had to pay for a dangerous vaccine for an epidemic that did not happen;
  • we will have to pay for the treatment (however ineffective) of patients who have been given the disease;
  • we will have to pay any court costs arising from the class action;
  • we will have to pay for any compensation awarded by the courts.
For the drug company, and the conventional medical establishment, it means that:
  • they successfully convinced us about an epidemic swine flu crisis that never happened, a crisis that was designed to scare us into accepting the vaccine, on their advice;
  • they (GSK) will pocket from the profit made by selling the NHS a vaccine that was not needed, and which has now been admitted caused serious disease;
  • they (GSK) will not have to suffer any financial or legal consequences for giving us yet another harmful and dangerous vaccine;
  • they will not have to experience any adverse publicity as our mainstream media is unwilling to tell the public about what is happening with conventional drugs and vaccines
The Pharmaceutical business is clearly a good one to be in! It may be causing havoc to our health. But we, as taxpayers, continue to pay for their drugs and vaccines. Governments are prepared to give drug companies immunity for any harm or damage they may cause. And our Media are not prepared to publish any information that suggests the conventional medical establishment is imposing on us a form of medicine that is unsafe, ineffective, hugely expensive - and damaging the health of patients.