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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDs), Co-Sleeping, and the DPT vaccine

Listen to BBC News today (21st May 2013) and you might be fooled into believing that SIDs, or 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome', commonly know as Cot Death, was caused by parents who shared a bed with their babies! (see How does this cause death? Do they lie on the baby, and stop it breathing? If so, why is SIDs medicalised with the label 'syndrome'? What is a 'syndrome' anyway?

The article does question the validity of the findings, but it does not discuss any other cause of SIDs. So a more pertinent question for the BBC might be - why?

The answer is, of course, that the only known cause of SIDs, or cot death, is a vaccine - the DPT vaccine - given to babies when they are just 2-3 months old, and repeated twice in monthly intervals.

The link between SIDs and the DPT vaccine is not world shattering news. Our doctors know it, the NHS know it, the Big Pharma drug companies know it, and the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media know it too. The link is admitted on the package insert for each DPT vaccine.

But whilst the Media, and the BBC in particular, will provide you with a diet of medical nonsense about 'co-sleeping' they will never share with you the known, and accepted dangers of the DPT vaccination.

'Co-sleeping' is a diversion. It is a distraction. It is nonsense.

The conventional medical establishment knows the primary, and probably the only cause of SIDs. Sudden Death Syndrome is not a syndrome, it is not a disease; it is death caused by medicine, it is a drug-induced-death. 

If you want to keep your baby safe, it is probably much better to refuse the DPT vaccine and to share a bed with your child; although as the BBC article suggests, it is probably best not to do this either.