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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Vaccinations: a total hoax, a fraud; is criminal prosecution the answer?

Vaccinations are a total hoax, and Big Pharma drug companies, and Government agencies, are fully integrated into the hoax - which constitutes a fraud - and imposes unnecessary dangers to those persuade to vaccinate themselves, or their children

These are the finding of Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD. in a paper she wrote in 2011. The assertions she makes are powerful, and insightful. Read through each one of them carefully. It encapsulates, brilliantly, what the Conventional Medical Establishment has been doing now for many decades.

In summary, the transcripts of the JCVI/DH meetings from the period from 1983 to 2010 appear to show that:
  1. 1)  Instead of reacting appropriately by re-examining existing vaccination policies when safety concerns over specific vaccines were identified by their own investigations, the JCVI either a) took no action, b) skewed or selectively removed unfavourable safety data from public reports and c) made intensive efforts to reassure both the public and the authorities in the safety of respective vaccines;

  2. 2)  Significantly restricted contraindication to vaccination criteria in order to increase vaccination rates despite outstanding and unresolved safety issues;

  3. 3)  On multiple occasions requested from vaccine manufacturers to make specific amendments to their data sheets, when these were in conflict with JCVI’s official advices on immunisations;

  4. 4)  Persistently relied on methodologically dubious studies, while dismissing independent research, to promote vaccine policies;

  5. 5)  Persistently and categorically downplayed safety concerns while over-inflating vaccine benefits;

  6. 6)  Promoted and elaborated a plan for introducing new vaccines of questionable efficacy and safety into the routine paediatric schedule, on the assumption that the licenses would eventually be granted;

  7. 7)  Actively discouraged research on vaccine safety issues;

  8. 8)  Deliberately took advantage of parents’ trust and lack of relevant knowledge on vaccinations in order to promote a scientifically unsupported immunisation program which could put certain children at risk of severe long-term neurological damage;
The author notes that all of these actions appear to violate the JCVI’s own Code of Practice

Yet these are allegations that have been frequently made in this blog, and many others. We are being misled, and placed in danger, by successive Governments, the Conventional Medical Establishment, and the mainstream media.

The full report should be read as it highlights all the 8 points made above.

A serious question must now be asked  by all of us. 

Are organisations, and individuals, who are recommending dangerous medical treatments, principally pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, not legally responsible for their advice. As these drugs and vaccines are not safe, as they are causing disease and death, should those who promote them not be subject to the full rigours of the law?

At the moment, drug companies are paying paltry financial fines for drugs and vaccines that have damaged and killed hundred's and thousand's of patients. No-one else, implicated in such crimes, would be protected from criminal prosecution for offences such as Actual Bodily Harm, Manslaughter, and Murder.

As yet, no Government, no National Health Service, no Medical Practitioner, and no Media Organisation, has been subject to fines. They clearly deserve to be as they are misleading us all, and subjecting us to unnecessary danger.

There are calls, now, for the prosecution of individuals who have led the Banking industry in criminal activity. Now we should be calling for the prosecution of those who are implicated in encouraging us to consume dangerous Pharmaceutical drugs.

The Conventional Medical Establishment has failed in its duty to protect the public from the dangers of Big Pharma vaccines and drugs. Indeed, it has failed to observe its duty, under the Hippocratic Oath, to 'do no harm'. Quite the contrary, what this report shows is that it has known it is causing harm, but has decided that the public should not know about it.