Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Media. An assault on our intelligence?

It would appear that our brains are under assault. The mainstream media, not least amongst them BBC News, is reporting findings from New Zealand that smoking cannabis can seriously damage our IQ. No doubt the evidence for this link is strong - but this is not my point.

Earlier this month, a Harvard study showed that Fluoride can also seriously damage our brains, and lower our IQ. I have looked to see if BBC News, or any other mainstream media, have deluged us with this information. They haven't! There has barely been a mention.

For more information on the Fluoride - IQ link, also see here.

What is the reason for this? Both reports seem to be of general, and equal public concern. Together, they might appear to represent a good news story. But only one was selected.

Could it be that the mainstream media, and BBC News in particular, feels okay about attacking Cannabis, an illicit, illegal drug, but not about criticising Fluoride, a poison routinely added to our water supply in many parts of the country.

Question? Are more people smoking Cannabis than drink water in Manchester, Birmingham, Southampton, and many of our largest cities which have Fluoride added to the water supply?

So Cannabis is easier to target. To criticise Fluoride, on the other hand, is taking a swipe at public policy, and would unsettle water companies, governments, and politicians who signed up to the current law - that allows local health authorities to ask that Fluoride is added to our water.

Our media is weak. It is beholden to a Political and Medical Establishment, and dare not challenge it. The craven attitude of BBC News has been mentioned on his blog many times. It dares not inform its viewers and listeners of threats to our health.

Ahhh well! Let's go and put the kettle on, and drink some more Fluoride. Better not smoke any cannabis though! It might affect my brain.