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Friday, 15 June 2012

Trapped Fingers: a rapid cure with Homeopathy

It was a lovely day, with 5 of our grandchildren (aged 6,6,5,4,and 3) playing in the house. The play got more boisterous and excited. A door was slammed. A short delay. Then a shriek of pain. The 3 year old, who was joining in, and having a lovely time, had trapped his fingers. His mum held him, and ran his fingers under cold water. I fetched an Arnica 30c, and popped it in his mouth. He would not show his hand, it was too painful, and so it was wrapped in a cold flannel.

Within minutes of taking the Arnica, his crying reduced, and his breathing got back to normal. I remembered that Hypericum was a remedy that was good for trapped fingers and gave him one. Five minutes later, he was calmer, and sleepy. We were concerned that he may have broken his fingers, but it seemed better that he should rest. Before he dropped off I gave him another Arnica. He slept quietly for about 2 hours.

When he woke, he was happy to let us see his hand. His fingers were a little swollen, and the bruising was there, plain to see. But he seemed okay. Soon, he wanted to get down, and he sat on and rode a toy fire engine.  He gripped the steering wheel with both hands. No broken fingers, just a little boy playing, almost as if he had not trapped his fingers.

Sometimes, Homeopaths can get blasé about the power of Homeopathy. At times like this it shows us just how remarkable it can be.