Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Homeopathy and the BBC

The BBC have been heavily infiltrated. They no longer recognise that there is a 'health debate' going on out here, dominated by the failing bureaucracy of the Conventional Medical Establishment, and the power and wealth of Big Pharma (who now control the BBC), but with that ever-growing number of people who are searching for a safer, more effective way of dealing with the illnesses, and maintaining their health, than conventional medicin offers them. The BBC no longer tell the truth, the whole truth, or indeed, anything like the truth!

For anyone looking to participate in the health debate, the mainstream media is no longer of any use to them. National Newspapers and national broadcasters are content to reproduce, without question, the press releases of Big Pharma. I hear regularly on the BBC about another new conventional medical 'breakthroughs  - and how we could expect new drugs in 15 years time.

Always a triumph of hope over experience.

And the BBC is happy to avoid telling you about the full picture of mayhem currently being caused by conventional medical treatment and drugs, and to withold giving you information on the lies, deceit and corruption in which Big Pharma companies have become embroiled, especially in the USA.

Yet it was not always like this. I have recently been talking with a former producer of a BBC programmes, now retired, and he has drawn my attention to this film: "Q.E.D. Homeopathy".

It is a film well worth watching. What's more, it is as relevant today as it was when it was first broadcast. It demonstrates that people don't have to wait 15 years for treatment! And also that farmers can stop wasting their money on conventional treatment, and turn to something much safer, more effective, and less costly.