Monday, 11 April 2011

Vaccines. They don't want you to know how bad they are!

Vaccines are causing unprecedented levels of danger to those who continue to accept them. But no-one is letting you know! 
Indeed, there seems to be a deafening lack of interest in drug and vaccine damage in the mainstream media. And even blogs like this one as littered by denialists who don’t seem to give a damn about the dangers, but in ‘undermining’ the evidence against them. Here are just about a few recent news releases that have appeared on the internet during the last couple of weeks.
This article reports that whereas in March 2011 Japanese authorities ordered doctors to stop using the pneumococcal and Hib vaccines, following the death of just 4 children, the ‘real news’ was that more that 2,000 babies have died in the USA after receiving the same vaccines. Yet people in the USA have not been told about this.
In this video, Dr David Ayoub, MD, presents “shocking, documented evidence of the relationship between Autism and the mercury preservative, Thimerisol”. Thimerisol, of course, is in a lot of vaccines; whilst in others it is replaced by equally noxious toxins. Ayoub connects this with a policy to control population.
These dangers of Mercury are supported in this feature in Dr Mercola
and also in this one.
This feature outlines 6 new studies linking mercury, in vaccines, with Autism. It would seem no matter how many studies are published, ConMed will continue to deny them.
This CBS News feature does tell the truth, but allows ConMed room for defence, of course. The research referred to is “a host of peer-reviewed, published theories that show possible connections between vaccines and autism”. The defence is just to deny the relationship, and to criticise the research.
A Swedish based study provides strengthened evidence of the association between the Pandemix vaccination (given for swine-flu) and narcolepsy in children and adolescents.
Links between the swine-flu jab and narcolepsy have been rife, particularly in Scandinavia, for many months now. This Irish newspaper article, reveals that at least one country has taken notice of this evidence. The Health Service Executive is removing all stocks of the vaccine Pandemrix. However, this will not protect anyone outside Ireland!
This goes into the history of how polio vaccine has been sold to us, despite evidence that one vaccine failed completely, whilst another ‘was a disaster’. It also outlines how other, simpler investments (water supply, anti-poverty measures, etc) would have produced better results in Africa (but obviously with less profit for Big Parma). It also mentions the emerging evidence that children receiving live polio virus drops continue to ‘shed’ the virus, endangering their families, friends and neighbours for many weeks after the vaccine was given. 
And there is much more in this, and other postings from this organisation. Get to know about this ‘Vaccine Resistance Movement’ - it produces some interesting work.
The silence of the mainstream media shows how deeply embedded they are with Big Pharma, and how dependent they are on their advertising and support. It demonstrates that we are not being told the truth - and that the ConMed Medical Authorities don’t want us to know the truth.
The don’t want anyone to know that homeopathy is a viable alternative to these awful vaccines; and it can even undo the damage that has been done. Have a look first at this article.
One technique, used increasingly by homeopaths, to to use the vaccine associated with the health damage, in homeopathic potency. Have a look at this research into homeopathy treatment undertaken by an Australian homeopath, Fran Sheffield.