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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

BMJ say Statin drugs cause liver damage, kidney failure and cataracts

Statins? That's the drug doctors have been telling us is so safe everyone should be taking, isn't it? Now, the BMJ have published evidence that admits that it causes disease!

Well, better late than never. But even better if it was 'never'. What this proves is that you cannot trust ConMed medication. You cannot trust medical professionals who tells you they are safe. The government, the NHS, Big Pharma are not prepared to tell you UNTIL it is proved that people have suffered. And unfortunately, our doctors are quite prepared to go along with this charade.

Natural News published this on 7th November 2010, where fuller information can be found, with references. The research was done at Nottingham University using data from more than 2 million patients taking Statin drugs.

There are safer ways of protecting yourself from heart disease, and this includes homeopathy; not to mention a sensible exercise regime, and a good diet. Statins are useful mainly for the profits accrued by the drug companies. As the piece concludes, these profits are not going to be compromised!

Although sales of the blockbuster drugs are unlikely to be reduced as a result of the study, the researchers encouraged closer monitoring of patients for side effects and said their findings "would tend to support a policy of using lower doses of statins in people at high risk of the adverse events."

In other words, we are expected to just keep on taking the drugs!