Thursday, 21 October 2010

Drug company lies, and HRT

More lies from Big Pharma, in order to sell dangerous, toxic drugs. This is just a sequel to the news, nine years ago, that HRT caused breast and cervical cancer. It has been reported at

Journal of the American Medical Association, 2010; 304: 1684-92

HRT was a major money winner for ConMed until research (rather late in the day, as usual) showed how dangerous it was. Sales dwindled (and breast cancer rates reduced with those dwindling sales), but Big Pharma remained upbeat! They had profits to generate, to hell with all those women!

They have tried to downplay the breast cancer risks for over 9 years by claiming that the cancers caused by the drug were not aggressive and were easily treated. Cancer? Easily treated? Presumably treated by more or their toxic drugs!

Now the same researchers have discovered that the claim is not true – HRT causes advanced and life-threatening breast cancer.

Now, there's a surprise! But at least it has enabled doctors to continue prescribing HRT to thousands of women, exposing them to the risk of developing an aggressive form of breast cancer. And, of course, Big Pharma has been able to pocket their ill-gotten profits from the distress, agony and death of patients.

What an obnoxious business.