Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Homeopathy. The Guardian is wrong yet again.

Martin Robbins in the Guardian'Science Blog' (5th February 2010) seeks to malign and misrepresents the British Homeopathic Association’s submission to the Commons Science & Technology Committee. It is a shame that this formerly magnificent liberal paper publishes such things without any attempt at fairness and balance - but its anti-homeopathy stance is well-known, and apparently without boundaries.

The BHA has refuted the allegations, in a full and reasoned response. It seems too much for the Guardian to give its readers access to this (perhaps one reason it is losing them fast) - so have a look for yourself at:


The lesson patients need to understand this is that it is difficult for homeopaths to engage in debate in the mainstream media when important media outlets, like the Guardian, publish only one side of the health debate about safe and effective medicine.