Friday, 8 January 2010

Alliance Boots now under attack by the Denialists

The homeopathy denialists, through their new 10:23 campaign are attacking homeopathy again, now by attacking Boots - for selling homeopathic remedies! I have sent the following email to Stefano Pessina, CEO of Boots (The email address is I urge all homeopathy supporters to write a similar letter demonstrating why their is a demand for homeopathic remedies to remain on sale.

"A democratic society is based upon the premise of freedom of expression and equality. The UK is a democratic society and seeks to allow it's citizens the freedom and choice, one of the most of which concerns our healthcare.

Homeopathy is an extremely popular and effective choice of treatment that approximately 10 million people in the UK have used. It is a treatment that has
been proven to work for over 200 years in the treatment of disease, and there are much scientific research that now confirms that it is more effective than placebo.

Unfortunately in the UK there is a movement to suppress people's freedom of choice to healthcare. They call themselves "sceptics", and they want to see the end of homeopathic medicine in the UK. Although homeopathy has been observed many times to have a strong therapeutic effect, the way it works is not completely understood by science.

Alliance Boots provide a great service to their customers in that by stocking homeopathic remedies they enable them to exercise the freedom of choose that so many people want. Boots customers have the choice to purchase conventional pharmaceutical medicines, or homeopathic medicines. There are very few multi-national companies that allow their patients such wide choice, and Alliance Boots need to be commended for doing that.

I am sure you are aware of a recent online letter produced by a group known as the 10:23 campaign. They are asking for Alliance Boots to stop selling homeopathic remedies. I urge Alliance Boots to continue to provide their customers with homeopathic remedies, customers who know that they work, and for this reason, there is huge demand in the UK for them. In an open, democratic society we should all allow people access the the medicine of their choice.