Friday, 3 September 2010

The Truth about the Gardasil (and Cervarix) vaccine

For anyone who wants to know the truth about Conventional Medicine, it is no use listening to the government, the NHS, or even your own doctor. It is certainly no use relying on the mainstream media. People damaged by pharmaceutical drugs often have to set up their own support groups, and their own websites.

Gardasil is the HPV vaccine, foisted on young girls over the last two years to 'fight' cervical cancer. But thousands of girls are now experiencing severe adverse reactions, and some have died - about 71 according to the group, ''The Truth about Gardasil'  (

This website outlines some of the reactions these girls have suffered, including seizures, strokes, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headaches, stomach pains, muscle pain and weakness, joint pain, auto-immune problems, chest pains, hair loss, appetite loss, personality changes, insomnia, hand/leg tremors, arm/leg weakness, shortness of breath, heart problems, paralysis, itching, rashes, swelling, aching muscles, menstrual cycle changes, fainting, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, nausea, temporary vision/hearing loss just to name some of them!

The website says that there is no known treatment to help these girls. They are wrong in this, of course, they should be seeking out local homeopaths to see if this treatment is able to help them; but essentially they are talking here about the response of ConMed, and ConMed practitioners. They say this:

" The doctors, if they even admit the connection, have no idea how to help them. So they spend their days going from appointment to appointment, from specialist to specialist trying to find someone to help them. Many of these families have started looking for help outside of mainstream medicine, which in some cases, may bring minor relief. However, most insurance plans do not cover this type of treatment, and as a result, this route is out of reach for many girls".

And before my denialist readers  cry 'foul', girls have not been given Gardisil in the UK, the website also covers those who have used Cervirix too.

This is yet another Conventional Medical disaster.