Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Homeopathy Healthy Medicine - September Issue

The September version of this patient-friendly newsletter is now available. It is free for you to use and to distribute as you will.
Please help us get the message of homeopathy over to people who know little about it? 
HHM aims to provide the general public with a range of facts about homeopathy, and general health matters. 
There is no charge, no copyright restrictions. So please use, and distribute the newsletter to anyone who might be interested getting to know about a safe and effective medical therapy.
  • Print it, email it. Make sure your friends, relatives and patients have a copy. 
  • Ask them to pass it on to others.
  • Leave a copy wherever people might see and read it; for instance, medical, dental waiting areas, libraries, and so on
  • If you use Twitter, Twitter the URL above. 
  • Use it on Facebook for all your friends and followers
And don’t forget, we are keen to publish ‘good-news’ stories about homeopathy users.
* So write to us about your own story.
  • Or your children’s story.
  • Or ask your patients to write a short story about their experience of homeopathy.
Send them to us at and we will try to include these in future editions of the newsletter. 
If we are to get our message across to the general public, it won’t be done by the mainstream media, who are reluctant to print anything ‘positive’ about homeopathy. This newsletter, which is written in a very simple, easily understandable style, we can tell people about our effective and safe medical therapy.