Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Depression and Homeopathy

Dana Ullman has published another of his articles in the Huffington Post, this time on the homeopathic treatment of depression. In it he compares the safety of homeopathy with the obvious dangers of pharmaceutical DRug treatment. You can read it here (and it is worth the effort).

Pharmaceutical drugs cause disease-inducing-effects (DIEs). Whilst the drug companies call these 'side-effects',  diseases, and indeed the death of a patient, is NOT properly described by this term! The issue Dana raises through his article, because it is dealing with depression, is an interesting one.

Depression is an ailment that focuses on the brain, the most sensitive of all our organs. Therefore, if pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines cause disease, it is quite likely that drugs will cause more diseases of the brain than anything else. And this, indeed, is what we find. The epidemic levels of dementia, autism, depression, ADHD are without parallel, and have probably been largely caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

The message for anyone who feels depressed is simple; they should spend time studying and comparing the outcome of pharmaceutical drugs used for depression (drugs like Prosac, once a wonder drug, now known to cause many chronic diseases), with the safety and effectiveness of homeopathy.